Creative Ways to Squeeze in a Run

Creative Ways to Squeeze in a Run

I have a half marathon in less than two weeks and my training has been a bit mediocre. I’m getting the basics done but it has been far from a priority. It’s also my birthday on Monday and we’re hosting a party which means sneaking in a long run this weekend is probably out of the question. I don’t want to be so exhausted after an 18km run that I fall asleep in my birthday cake.

Also, the absolutely GRIM weather the last two weeks has really impacted my running mojo. It has been just miserable outside so I’ve opted for indoor activities…like watching old episodes of Friends on Netflix. Thoughts of a half marathon PB are totally off the table now.

So, to make the most of the next 11 days, I need to get creative and find more ways to run. Here are a few ways you can squeeze in a run, even when it might feel like you don’t have time.

Be Prepared

If you find that you have some downtime in between meetings or social events, it can be the perfect time to squeeze in a run. But it’s a real shame if you’re left without your running shoes. If your job frowns on you wearing running kit to the office, have a kit bag stashed at your desk for when opportunity knocks.

Run Errands. Literally

We all have life admin. It’s not very fun and takes up time, notably time that could be spent running. Sometimes I like to run errands. Literally. Trip to the post office? Run there. Need to go to the bank? The supermarket? Run there! If you must carry something there or back, bring along a running backpack. Once, on a weekend in the country, we ran out of milk, so I ran to a nearby shop (2.5kms away) got the milk, and ran back with it in my hand. I probably looked like I’d stolen the milk to any passing cars, but I felt quite smug sipping my coffee post 5km.

Get Creative with Commuting 

There are tons of benefits to run commuting. It is often one of the quicker ways to get to and from work. It’s definitely more enjoyable than public transit. Add the physical and mental health benefits, no environmental footprint and no cost, and you have a winning combination to beat rush hour, morning or evening. If you can only think of excuses, have a look at my recent blog post on how to make run commuting work for you. Trust me. It’s fun.

Work Flexible Hours

Right now, I find the dwindling daylight in the evenings to be a major problem for my running. I hate running in the dark. I don’t see well. It’s scary. There are foxes. It’s just not fun. So, if you work for a company that allows some flexibility, start your day early, and sneak away early to maximize the daylight hours and still get home by dinnertime.

Quality over Quantity

Maybe you want to run 10 miles, but you find that you no longer have time. If you’re short on time, dial up the intensity. A tough 20-minute run can sometimes be just as effective as a long, endurance run. You may even be able to build fitness in less time!

PS – We’re still WAY short of our fundraising goal for The Royal Parks Half Marathon. We’re trying to raise money for Starfish, a really worthy charity that helps vulnerable or orphaned children in Africa. If you want some good karma today, please donate a few £££ or $$$. Click here for our JustGiving page.

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