Parkrun Tourism: Dulwich Parkrun

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On Saturday, we ventured south to try a new Parkrun: The Dulwich Parkrun. Our friends Sophie and Jonny recently moved to the area so it was a good reason to get up a little earlier than usual. Parkrun followed by friends and breakfast is my favourite way to start a weekend.

We also ended up making some new friends along the way! As we were waiting on the Overground platform, a man next to us struck up a conversation. Noticing our running attire, he said we looked like we were on our way to something sporty. We told him we were going to Dulwich Parkrun. It turned out, that’s where he was going too!

Then, on the other side of the platform was another runner, one we recognised from our local Parkrun at Highbury Fields. He was on his way to Wandsworth Parkrun, but when he heard we were all heading to Dulwich, he quickly abandoned his plans and ran across to our side of the platform and joined us! We were like the Pied Pipers of Parkrun!

Parkrun 50

This was actually my 62nd Parkrun, not my 50th…

So off we went, with our two new running friends: Jerome and Steve. Once we got off the Overground, Dulwich Park is about a mile away so we decided to do a little warmup jog there together.

We got the full briefing on the route on the way to the Park from Steve who had done Dulwich before. Gunning for a new PB, he said Dulwich was the place to do it. It’s a simple, three-lap course around a park with wide paths and easy turns. It has high PB potential.

For me though, it was a mighty struggle.

I knew after 1 mile that a PB was out of the question. My legs felt heavy and I was having a hard time from the start. In the field of 421 runners, I started way too far back and spent the first half mile overtaking people and probably running way too fast. Then I just kind of ran out of steam and just suffered until the end.

In the end, I finished in 24:42. That was good enough for 19th female overall, and 5th in my age group (out of a field of 26).

Dulwich is a FAST group. The fastest time was 15:57!


My fastest times this year have usually followed a period of good recovery. This week, I’ve done too many hard workouts, and went into Saturday’s run a bit tired. I had the chance to try a live streamed class on a Peloton bike at the showroom in Spitalfields Market on Friday afternoon. It was a hard workout and I think my legs were still recovering. More on that in a future post…

Peloton bike

Trialing a live streamed class on the Peloton bike in Spitalfields Market. Full review to come…

Earlier this year, I set a goal to do a little more Parkrun Tourism and visit three new Parkruns. Dulwich was the third! Goal: complete! The other two were Hackney Marshes and Rondebosch Common in Cape Town. But why stop there? Any recommendations for which one I should try next?

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