The Running Awards 2019

Running Awards 2019

That one time a year I wear a dress to a running event….

Last week, I attended the 2019 Running Awards. Finally, after months of pestering you all to vote for me, the results of the Best Running Blog of 2019 were revealed!

Unfortunately, I did not place in the top three.

I feel a bit sad. Everyone at my table seemed to be a winner and I was having a hard time sharing their joy in light of my own disappointment. I’ve been shortlisted for this award for the last three years and I thought I might really have a chance this year, but it was not to be. In the end, I placed somewhere between 4th and 12th.

So thank you to everyone who voted for me – not just this year, but the last three years! I really do appreciate it.

Running Awards 2019

Only last due to alphabetical order!

The first place winner was Running Mr Jones with Fordy Runs taking silver and Corner to Corner USA in bronze. Congratulations guys!

It was still a great night overall. This year’s event took place on a boat called The Dixie Queen that cruised down the Thames for several hours. Tower Bridge opened twice for our boat to go through and I missed it both times because I was too busy chatting!

Tower Bridge

The Bloggers Forum

The Running Awards hosts an event before the awards ceremony called The Bloggers Forum. This is the best part of the evening. There were several interesting speakers including Clare Maxted from Wild Ginger Films, Eric Keeler, who ran 3,646 miles across the US last year and Mark Atkinson, author of the book Run Like a Duck.

I also got to reconnect with some of my favourite runners including Richard from Baze 187 and James from The Morning Coffee Run (who just completed Marathon des Sables, by the way! Go read about it on his blog! He is a hero!) I also got to have a great chat with Edward, aka Trail Running Man and my Shine Walk team mate from 2017.

Running Awards 2019

Me and Edward, The Trail Running Man

And of course, it’s hard to be a sore loser when you walk away with a great goody bag including free Runderwear, Enertor insoles and this cool hat.

Running Awards 2019

Best Blog 2020?

It may seem like the next logical step is to set my sights on Best Blog 2020. But I think I’m done with the contest part of The Running Awards. I’ve spent the last three years harassing all you lovely people for votes, and I sense that I may have maxed out your generosity. And if it hasn’t been already, I’m sure it will become very annoying extending this “Vote for me” stuff into it’s fourth year. And to be honest, I need to preserve some goodwill for when I finally bite the bullet and get a charity place for The London Marathon. I’ll need your donations! (Date TBC!)

Besides, the best part of the event is The Blogger’s Forum and you can go to that whether you’re shortlisted or not.

Thank you again to everyone who voted and supported my blog in these awards over the years. I wish I had a happy photo of me holding an award for you, but for now, you’ll just have to enjoy sweaty race pics and selfies.

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