One Question with…Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe at National Running Show 2019

Almost one year to the day, I kicked off my “Five Questions With…” series. I wanted to profile interesting and inspiring runners I know, and last year’s inaugural Running Show in Birmingham was the inspiration. The show, now in it’s second year, was this past weekend and it was twice the size of last year with more exhibitors, more talks and more interactive features. It was pencilled into my weekend plans many, many months ago.

The real highlight of course, was Paula Radcliffe’s keynote on Sunday morning. I have been looking forward to this since last year and I went with a mission to not only hear her speak but try to grab a picture with her too.

Paula Radcliffe at National Running Show

Words to live by.

Paula is the absolute queen of women’s running. As the current world record holder for women’s marathon with a time of 2:15:25, she is one of my running heroes. She also just seems lovely and genuine and I love listening to her speak. So far, that’s been on TV or in podcasts so having the chance to hear her in real life was a real bucket list item for me.

Not only did I get my picture, but I also got her autograph and a few minutes to ask her a question!

Paula Radcliffe autograph


My ultimate dream would have been to feature her in my Five Questions series, but sometimes one question is worth five, especially when you’re dealing with running royalty.

So here’s what I asked:

What running product under £100 has most impacted your running?

Her answer: Compression socks. She said they help with blood circulation over a longer races. She also added that wearing compression socks ensures that she rarely suffers from calf pain.

Paula Radcliffe talking to running blogger, Miranda Markham

So, when Paula Radcliffe tells you that compression socks improved her running, what do you do? You head straight to a stand selling compression socks and you buy yourself a pair.

I purchased mine in a show special from CEP, an industry leading compression clothing company. I bought the Nighttech Compression socks in pink.

I know that spending the weekend in the NEC in Birmingham isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love the Running Show. It’s a weird combination of all aspects of my life, both personal and professional. As a PR professional working at a health and fitness PR agency, it’s a great chance to meet new prospective clients. As a running blogger, it’s a great source of content for my blog and an amazing opportunity to meet other bloggers. And finally, as a running enthusiast, it’s just a cool event full of kit and snacks and things I love!

National Running Show 2019

Next year, they’ve already announced a couple speakers including the legendary ultrarunner Dean Karnazes! If you’re a runner, this is like runner Christmas. Definitely get this on your schedule for 2020.


  1. Sophia January 22, 2019 / 6:53 am

    I really look forward to reading this blog. I bought some compression socks a month ago and they are fabulous and really do stop fatigue of muscles, particularly for an older and new runner like me. I am so glad to hear them endorsed by a running legend. I wear a compression top too and together they make for an enjoyable run and speedy post run recovery.

  2. April C February 6, 2019 / 4:33 pm

    Paula is a super hero! Such a role model for running moms!

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