Running Goals for 2019

Running Goals 2019

I’m late with my goals. As usual. But I take goal setting seriously. I actually stress about it. I want to make sure my goals are challenging yet attainable. They need to be fun, but they still need to require hard work. They have to be meaningful to me, but also interesting to read about on this blog.

A lot of thought goes into them.

So, here we go. My goals for 2019.

Parkrun related goals

Parkrun gets its own section. I have a lot of goals related to Parkrun. Last year, I achieved my 50th Parkrun. This year, I’d like to try to get to 70. Considering it took me close to three years to reach 50, this might be an ambitious goal, but let’s go with it. That’s goal #1 related to Parkrun.

Parkrun Goal #2 is to volunteer at least three times. I know that doesn’t sound terribly momentous, but I really do love the running part of Parkrun. But I also want to give back. So, in the spirit of making things attainable, I’ll try to volunteer three times and will take on roles I haven’t done before.

Finally, I want to try and visit at least three new Parkruns. Of the 51 Parkruns I’ve done to date, 49 of them have been at Highbury Fields. The other two were in Ireland and Australia. I’ve literally never run another Parkrun in London. Ridiculous! So, let’s do some Parkrun tourism in 2019, shall we?

And, in all of this, if I could sneak in a new 5K PB, I’d be pretty thrilled but that might be asking a lot!

Do another trail race

It’s time to get off the pavement again. Last year, we did the Lough Cutra Castle half marathon, an off-road half marathon and it was one of my favourite races of the year. I’d like to do another one. It still needs to be a friendly, beginner-level trail race, but I’d like to migrate from the road for at least one race this year.

Lough Cutra finish line

It was paved at the finish line, but I swear this was a trail race!

Crush the Olympic-distance Triathlon

Last year, I had big ambitions for my second Olympic distance triathlon. I trained well and went in feeling ultra-confident. I totally blew up. The swim was one of the worst of my life. I fell TWICE on the bike, and my run was utterly terrible. Nearly a personal worst for 10K. I finished seven minutes slower than 2017. I’m better than that. I know it. This year, I’m going to crush it. For real this time.

London Triathlon 2018

New 10k PB

For years, my PB for 10k has been 49:59. And technically, I don’t even really count this race because it was in Toronto on a totally downhill course and not really representative of a flat race. However, I set myself a goal to beat it, and I was oh-so-close this past December, finishing the Red Run in 50:03. That sub-50 is in there. This is going to be the year.

Obtain a new fitness qualification

I’m breaking one of the cardinal rules of goal-setting here but not being specific, but I haven’t figured this one out yet. Last year, I got my Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification. This year, I’d like to add to that with another qualification. I don’t know what yet. Watch this space.

Keep the joy

The final goal is to continue a balanced fitness routine so I can continue to find joy in running. I’ve noticed that when I over-train and turn running into a chore, I start to hate it. I dread my runs. I fret about them the same way I would worry about delivering a big presentation at work. This year, I want to remain balanced, alternating running with cycling, swimming and HIIT classes at Orangetheory. Not only does this make me a better runner, it ensures that I don’t fall out of love with my favourite activity.

Happy runner

Happy place

Also, this goal is related to a larger, long-term goal. I’m planning another full marathon in 2020 with my sights set on the London Marathon so I need to go into 2020 as the most badass version of myself I can be.

That’s the plan. Let’s see how it goes.

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  1. Darren Smith January 16, 2019 / 11:35 am

    Great goals Miranda, I look forward to reading how you get on throughout the year.
    I have also included a parkrun volunteer and parkrun tourism goal for 2019.
    Good Luck.

  2. April C January 21, 2019 / 7:08 pm

    Good luck on your goals, friend!

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