My 50th Parkrun     

50th Parkrun

On Saturday, I completed my 50th Parkrun! This was a goal I set for myself earlier this year and I’m so happy to have finally achieved it. For those who do not know, Parkrun is collection of free, timed, five-kilometre running events that take place every Saturday morning in twenty countries across five continents.

In January of this year, I had run 35 Parkruns. Running 15 more over the course of the whole year didn’t really seem like an ambitious goal, but I did have to plan it. Between travel, laziness, weather, hangovers and various commitments, finding 15 Saturdays where I could get up at 8 am and make it to a 5km run was harder than it sounds.

But, I did it! I’m part of the 50 Parkrun club!

I would have gone even if it was pouring rain but the sun was shining which felt like the first time in weeks so that was very appreciated. Saturday’s event was extra special because my friend Wyatt was visiting from Amsterdam and he did his very first Parkrun with us!

50th and 1st Parkrun

My 50th Parkrun and Wyatt’s first!

Here are a few facts about my 50 Parkruns:

  • Of my 50 events, 48 of them have been at Highbury Fields in London. The other two were in Ireland and Australia
  • My fastest Parkrun time is 24:12, set on 18 February 2017. My time for my 50th was 24:29.
  • For a long time, breaking the sub-25 barrier was a major goal. I now consistently run sub-25 minutes and have done so for my last five Parkruns.
  • Since turning 35, I routinely come in 1st in my category which is a nice ego boost
  • I once was first female overall. That was in Australia… and there were only 28 runners, but that’s still good, right?
  • My worst time was 27:35 back in September of 2016. Not sure what happened there. Probably too much wine the night before
  • I have volunteered at Parkrun three times as finish token support and barcode scanner. All three times were in 2018
  • My very first Parkrun was on 26 September 2015. It took me more than three years to achieve 50 Parkruns

So now I get my Parkrun 50 t-shirt! I will wear it with pride. Hopefully I can make it to 100 Parkruns more quickly than I achieved 50!

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  1. Darren Smith December 11, 2018 / 1:22 pm

    Congratulations Miranda

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