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t-shirt blanket

Every year, I write a post about the best Christmas gifts for runners. Rather than write the same old post, I thought I’d do one better: I’ll give you a chance to WIN an excellent Christmas gift for yourself or a runner in your life.

The prize that’s up for grabs? A beautiful t-shirt blanket from Too Many T-shirts.

What’s a T-Shirt Blanket?

Too Many T-Shirts is a company that creates handmade “memory blankets” for adults and children. It’s a lovely, nostalgic product made from your existing t-shirts by upcycling your old, unworn but beloved t-shirts into a beautiful new blanket. To see some examples, check out the gallery here.

Why is this a great gift for runners?

As runners, we all know about t-shirt hoarding. I wrote a whole post on it a few years ago. If you run a lot, you collect a lot of souvenir shirts. But if you’re like me, you don’t really wear them very often. The logical thing to do is to donate them to charity or get rid of them, but the trouble is, each shirt has memories associated with it. Every shirt reminds us of a certain time or race and it’s really hard to part with them! Even the ugly ones or the one with the scratchy neck because that was the race where you set your half marathon PB.

Simon, the founder of Too Many T-Shirts totally gets this. After six years at University, a few ski holidays, several sport team trips and t-shirts, the wardrobe was full. Each shirt was a memory of a good time, sporting achievement and time well spent with friends. What happened next? Nothing. Those shirts just sat in a drawer. Sometimes for years. Sound familiar?

That’s when the t-shirt blanket was born!

Now you can get one for yourself or for the runner in your life!

How does it work?

If you win, I’ll send you a pre-paid package for a t-shirt blanket in any size, up to a 30-t-shirt Double Bed size quilt!

The package comes with everything you need to make your magical, nostalgic super-special blanket. You just pick out anywhere from 16 – 30 t-shirts, pick the colour backing of your blanket and put them in the pre-paid giant bag and send them to Simon.

Simon will make your blanket and send it to you in the post. Job done. A beautiful keepsake and a really cool conversation starter.

I loved this idea so much, I bought my husband one for his birthday a few years ago. Even with a hideous colour combination of shirts, it turned out beautifully and includes a lovely mixture of race shirts and university party memorabilia.

T-shirt blanket for runners

Worried about sending all these precious, invaluable t-shirts in the post? Don’t be. Simon is on it. When I sent my husband’s shirts (with his permission of course! I didn’t just go rifling around his wardrobe picking random shirts!), I emailed Simon, worried they had disappeared in transit. He replied straight away to assure me he had them… even though he was at Glastonbury! Top notch customer service.

How to Enter the Competition

Just leave a comment below with an estimate of how many race t-shirts you own.

If you’re new here, make sure you include your email when you leave a comment. This will not be publicly displayed and I will only use this to contact you if you win.

The contest will run from today until 16 December @ 12 noon.

I will do a random draw of all eligible entries.

Regrettably, I can only offer this prize to UK residents. (Sorry North American friends).

Good luck! And if you don’t win, consider getting one of these blankets for a loved one this Christmas – they make a great gift!

Looking forward to your comments! (For the record, I have 16 race shirts and 26 non-race shirts!)

UPDATE (16 December 2018): The contest has ended. Thank you to everyone who entered via Twitter and Instagram. I have selected a winner and will announce the name here soon.

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  1. Richard Bazeley December 4, 2018 / 8:34 pm

    I must own 30 race T-shirts easily. What a great giveaway thanks Miranda

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