Inspirational Invitational: An interview with…me!

A few weeks ago, Richard, a Youtuber from the channel Baze187 asked if I would be interested in being interviewed as part of a new YouTube series he’s doing. It’s called Inspirational Invitational, and every week, he interviews inspiring runners in a live YouTube video. Viewers can ask questions throughout the video too which makes it more interactive. I was a little intimidated by the live aspect of it, but I figured, why not?

Here’s the replay of our chat. Hopefully, I talked some sense!

Annoyingly, I couldn’t get my camera to go from rear-facing to front facing so I just propped it up with some books and hoped for the best. I think it turned out pretty good!

You may being thinking Baze187 sounds familiar. He’s made an appearance on this blog a few times now. I featured him in my 5 Questions series, and we did the Shine Walk together last year! Subscribe to his channel so you don’t miss the next Inspirational Invitational!

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