We need to talk about Runderwear


Don’t run commando

If you’re a runner and you’re not wearing Runderwear, you need get in on this ASAP. Runderwear has been one of my favourite brands for years. I got my first pair in in 2013, the same year I ran my first marathon. I bought them at a race expo and wore them for all my training runs and the race. It was life changing. A revelation. Honestly. Dare I say, this underwear changed my life?

I have since worn them for every long run and another full marathon. It is a world of comfort I never knew existed. It is basically like wearing nothing at all, only maybe better. After battling with lots of different standard women’s underwear that rides up your butt, or chafes after many hours, Runderwear stays perfectly in place. It’s seamless, lightweight and moisture-wicking and can stand up to some serious training.

Runners get it. At the National Running Show a few weeks ago, the Runderwear stand looked like it had been robbed. They ran out of most products early in the show. Delightfully, they gave attendees a voucher for 15% off so I was able to replenish my stock.


Why I waited five years to add to my collection is beyond me but it must be testament to their incredible quality. Runderwear possesses a level of durability that cannot be said for most underwear. My new black g-strings are my absolute favourites. And not just for running. They’re perfect for other fitness like spin or HIIT classes. Now, when I start getting to the bottom of my underwear drawer, I find myself wishing for more Runderwear. I’m starting to think I should just wear them every day.

At £15 / £16 a pair, they aren’t cheap. But I promise that you and your chafe-free nether regions will not regret this purchase. They make men’s and women’s versions. Briefs, boxer shorts, low-rise and G-strings.

And guess what? Because Runderwear is excellent, they have a beautiful little Valentine’s Day promotion going on. Use the code CUPIDLYCOMFY at checkout and get 14% off your purchase. Nice, huh?

*While this may read like a sponsored post, I assure you, no one paid me to write this. It is sponsored by love. Big, giant love for Runderwear. For more info, check out their website: https://www.runderwear.co.uk


  1. Alison February 8, 2018 / 8:35 pm

    Bet they’d be good for rock climbing too

    • thoughtsandpavement February 9, 2018 / 7:13 pm

      Yes! Absolutely. You should get some!

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