2018 Running and Fitness Goals

Runner on Regent's Canal

Thinking about 2018….

I take goal setting very seriously. I like to think long and hard about my objectives for the year ahead, and once I’ve decided, I always write them down. And for the last five years, these goals (well, at least the running and fitness related ones!) end up here, on my blog. For all the world to see.

There’s a certain commitment with putting your goals out there in public. They feel permanent and foreboding. Everyone has seen them and now I’m accountable. That’s why I make sure they are meaningful to me.

Last year was a huge year for me. When I reflect on 2017 as a whole, it is underpinned by ongoing, tough training. The accomplishments were worth it, but I did put a lot of pressure on myself. I have decided that this year, I’m going to take the pressure off a bit and shift my focus.

Runner taking a break and thinking

Thinking about my 2018 goals….and summer.

So here they are. Running and fitness goals for 2018.

Give back

For many years, running and fitness has been all about me. It’s a very self-involved and individual activity. Lately, I’ve realised the power of my running network and I have an immense appreciation for the people that make the events I love so much possible. So for that reason, I want to give back. I’m going to start by volunteering at Parkrun. My first day volunteering is next week helping collect the finish tokens.

I’d also like to do a run or an event with GoodGym, a group of runners that combine running with helping the community.

And, finally I want to watch the London Marathon and cheer on the sidelines. In the past, I just always felt that I’d rather be running. The London Marathon has snubbed me three times in a row, so why would I want to be a part of it? I felt that I would be envious of the participants and that these events don’t need my help anyway. But that’s just not true. The running community thrives on volunteering and The London Marathon crowd support is legendary.

Because the running community has been so good to me, I want to be good to it. 2018 is the year I give back.

Study for and attain my Fitness Instructor certification

This is something I’ve thought about for a long, long time. I have no intention of leaving my job to pursue a career as a personal trainer or fitness instructor, but I want the knowledge and the credibility.

I’ve been doling out advice on this blog for a long time. It’s high-time I actually invested in furthering my knowledge in fitness and providing some advice that’s actually legitimate. To be honest, I don’t really know what I’m signing up for, but I have lots of energy and enthusiasm and I’m excited to share that journey with you.

Run to and from work every day for a week

At first, this goal sounds pretty ambitious. That is, until I tell you that my office is 2.5km away from my flat. The total distance covered for the entire week will only be 25km! This really shouldn’t be too demanding. But in the last 6 months, at best, I’ve managed a couple runs home per week. This will require some forward-planning, and potentially a Sunday trip to the office to stash my stuff, but I think it’s doable. I’d like to give it a try. Maybe once the sun sets a little later than 4pm!

Run my 9th half marathon

You’ll notice I’m not giving myself a time goal. I don’t want to. I just want to do another one. I entered for 3 major marathons (London, Tokyo and Berlin) and didn’t get into any of them. I want a goal race on the calendar, but I decided this was a sign to pull things back a bit. I don’t want to be suffocated with training again this year. A half marathon is a nice, attainable distance, but something I’ll have to train for too. The race and timing is TBC.

Here I am, somewhat tentatively standing in front of my newly formed goal to “rock the half” in 2011 (my first half marathon)

Do the Olympic distance London Triathlon again

For Christmas, my very kind husband got me a new road bike! In addition to many nice Spring and Summer rides, I want to do the London Triathlon again. I enjoyed the training and surprised myself with a decent time of 3:07… I think with a new bike and greater confidence, I could be sub-3 hours for this race.

The London Triathlon Run

In my happy place

Do 5 chinups

This sounds dumb, but it’s a carry-over from last year. I feel like most women are really bad at pull-ups and chin-ups. I want to build my upper body strength a bit to make it to 5. I feel like it could be my party trick. Last year, I couldn’t do 1. Now I can do 3. I’ll make it to 5 in the coming months. We have a pullup bar in our flat. There is literally no excuse for not practicing daily.

It feels good to see this all written down.

What are your 2018 goals?


  1. April C January 16, 2018 / 1:39 am

    These are great Miranda!! High five!

    • thoughtsandpavement January 16, 2018 / 9:59 pm

      Aww thanks Keith! I’ll check it out.

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