5 Reasons to Run at Christmas

I wish I made this, but I found it on Twitter via @runhappy72. Loved it. Obviously. So festive!

To the non-runner, running at Christmas may seem like an act of madness. But I’ve made a tradition of running at Christmas – not just in the lead up to the day, but on the day itself. While Christmas is a time of relaxation and indulgence, there are great reasons to eat, run and be merry. Here are the top 5 reasons why I run at Christmas.

Burn off the calories, and prepare for more

I mean, this is the obvious reason, isn’t it? There’s just so many more opportunities to eat at Christmas time. I’m easily consuming twice the calories I would otherwise between festive drinks, dinners, and snacks. It’s a season of socialising and with it comes cocktails, cheese plates, baking and mulled wine… mmmm… Anyway, a good way to ensure your clothes still fit on 2 January is to go for a little run here and there. It doesn’t need to be intense, but it’s a good way to keep the metabolism going and burn through some extra calories so the net result isn’t so awful. Also, doesn’t food just taste better when you’re actually hungry? Refuelling with cookies is the dream.

By the way, today on Twitter, someone told me that it would take 8-12 hours of running to burn off the calories in a Christmas dinner. Just saying…

Escape for a bit

I need to first say that my family is great. I love spending time with them, especially because I live in another country and our time together is short. But let’s face it. Everyone needs to escape for a little bit and going for a run is the perfect opportunity to get some solo time amidst the merriment. Sometimes, I find being around large groups of people for a long time to be draining. I need some alone time to recharge. Running is a perfect way to do that, and provides a good bit of respite before a full day indoors!

Try out my new kit

Inevitably, I end up getting some sort of running kit or new running gadget for Christmas. It’s absolutely necessary to try it out as immediately as possible.

I asked for running tights in bold patterns for Christmas. Santa delivered.

Stay energised

While sitting around watching Home Alone 2 and sipping mulled wine is great fun, it’s also super lazy and it makes me sleepy. I often feel more tired from a day of relaxing than when I’ve been really active. A 45 minute run will have me energised for the day, instead of snoring on the couch. And I’m much more festive when I’m awake.

Practice running in the snow

I’m from Canada, and according to the weather forecast, it will snow every day from my arrival this week until Christmas. When I lived in Toronto, I trained all through the winter braving ice, snow and -20C temperatures. I need to get out into the elements at least a few times to remind me how to run in the winter. Just because I live in a much milder climate now, I can’t go soft. And besides, literally dashing through the snow is fun.

Hello from Canada-land!

Will YOU be running on Christmas day?

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