Review: OW Fit Leggings

OW Fit Leggings Review

I love getting new gym kit. Even though my dresser is bursting with more gym clothes than I could ever possibly wear, I still always find joy in accumulating more.

Recently, I received a pair of leggings from OW Fit, a Colombian sportswear company. I was immediately drawn to the colorful fabrics and unique designs so it was hard to pick just one I liked. I ultimately landed on the Thames OW leggings. I loved the black waistband and the color-fade pattern. With a water-inspired design, they also had a hint of mermaid about them, so they were an instant favourite.

When they arrived, I shrieked with joy. I loved them instantly. The leggings are one size, so I was a bit skeptical they would fit, but like a magic, they fit me perfectly. I question whether these would actually work for a variety of women with different body types, but for my somewhat curve-less body, they were picture-perfect.

OW Fit Leggings Review

The leggings arrived just before I had three days off from work so I literally wore them for three days straight. When I review something, it seems I really take the job seriously.

OW Fit leggings are super comfortable. The large waistband makes them perfect for all sorts of activity. The length was perfect for me – long but cropped just above the ankle. I’m 5’4’’ so I do wonder how they might work for a tall girl, but for me, they were excellent. I also thought they made my butt look pretty good… but then again, maybe that’s just all the squats I’ve been doing lately.

OW Fit Leggings Review

I wandered around in them, I shopped, I went to the spa, I lounged, I walked, I went to a spinning class. For all of this activity, these leggings were perfect. They also wash well and dry quickly.

I decided I needed a more intense test for these leggings, so I decided to wear them to run the Red Run, a 10K race I did with my husband in Victoria Park a few weeks ago. This is where they leggings didn’t stand up to my grandiose expectations. As I ran, they kept shifting down so I had to hike them up about 5 times over the course of the race, for fear my butt crack was showing. Also, one other drawback is that they don’t have any pockets. While this gives them an awesome, streamlined look, they don’t allow you to carry anything with you while running. I like to have a place to put a credit card and my keys, so this posed a small challenge for me.

OW Fit Leggings

From a purely aesthetic perspective, these leggings rock. In fact, I’m wearing them right now as I type this. For low impact sports like yoga or spinning, these leggings are versatile and beautiful and I would highly recommend them. If you’re looking for a nice, affordable gift for a sporty girl this Christmas, this could be a great option. At £60, the price point is definitely below average.  Check out their website, or follow them on Instagram to see more designs.

OW Fit Leggings Review

*Thank you to OW Fit for sending me this pair of leggings to feature. All opinions are my own.

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