Best Christmas Gifts for Runners 2017

Best Christmas Gifts for Runners

Shirt via Sarah Marie Design Studio, a great place for gifts

Christmas is just 47 days away! Luckily my hyper-organised family has already set up our Christmas lists in a shared Google doc. What can I say. We try to make Christmas gift giving as convenient and easy as possible. In compiling my annual list, I’m always reminded that a large portion of my wish list is something running or fitness related. This time of year is also when all my previous blog posts on Christmas gifts for runners start creeping into the top 10 most viewed blog posts. People are clearly searching for that perfect gift for the runner in their life! Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

To make gift giving easy for you, here is the 2017 edition of the best gifts for runners.

Sarah Marie Design Studio

I discovered this lovely website a few months ago and have been somewhat addicted ever since. I saw a shirt on Instagram that said “Run all the miles, drink all the wine,” and I just had to have it. I tracked it down and placed my order. I’ve since learned that Sarah Marie Design Studio (SMDS) is a lifestyle brand inspired by running. As a self-proclaimed “runtrepreneur,” owner of SMDS, Sarah FitzPatrick Clancy, gained traction after being featured in Runner’s World. Based in New York, her site continues to grow, adding new products regularly. Her awesome, original tshirts, sweaters and running inspired accessories are the absolute perfect gift for runners. With their cheeky running-themed designs, they really just speak to the runner’s soul. She also ships worldwide.

Magazine Subscriptions

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I love receiving a magazine subscription as a gift. Every month, you’re reminded of that kind soul who gave it to you, and you’re never left without reading material on your next train journey. You could always opt for the obvious choices like Men’s Running or Women’s Running, which are a great deal, or try something a little different like a magazine called Like the Wind. Like the Wind is a very unique running magazine, first introduced to me by Edward of Trail Running Man when we spent 9+ hours together walking a marathon back in September! It’s a collection of short stories about running with beautiful illustrations. Based in London and published every quarter, the magazine is an absolute joy to read.

Like the wind magazine


I have been a fan of this company for years. They make the most beautiful running kit with unique, colourful designs. I get so many compliments on my INKnBURN shirts. I was once even stopped mid-run by someone to ask where I got my tank top from!

INKnBurn shirts

Matching INKnBURN shirts because we’re cool.

Based in Southern California, this small company handcrafts their clothing in small batches which means that each piece is actually reasonably unique. Their designs change seasonally and they feature a selection of the most delightful Christmas-themed kit, including a long-sleeve technical tshirt that looks like a Christmas sweater! These sell out super-fast though, so get in early.

I mean, how cute is this shirt? Here I am in November 2013 about to start the Holly Jolly Fun Run in Toronto.

Gone for a Run

Gone for a Run is a great website for unique running gear and apparel. While they do sell clothes, the best items on this site in my opinion are the gift ideas that only a runner will love like running-inspired jewellry, stationery and home accents like throw pillows. They also sell a variety of bib and medal displays like this excellent race bibFOLIO that I gave away on my blog back in September. Dubbed “the gift source for runners,” there’s a gift to match any price point.

Race bibs not included…

Runner’s World Calendar

I think that everyone should get a calendar for the year ahead as Christmas gift. My mother-in-law makes each member of the family beautiful, personalised calendars with pictures of family and friends from the past year. It’s become a bit of a tradition, and one I look forward to each year. However, if you’re mother-in-law isn’t quite as crafty as mine, you should consider purchasing the Runner’s World calendar. Filled with 12-months of inspiring running images, the calendar is excellent year-long running motivation. At just $15.95 / £12.12, it’s a steal.

(Having just written this section, I have realised that the calendar only ships to the US and Canada, which is lame. Sorry UK friends. It does not appear that there is a UK version of this calendar, which (Ahem! Runner’s World UK!!) seems like a major oversight and lost opportunity. Please correct me if I’m wrong!)

Runners World calendar 2018

Massagers and Foam Rollers

When Graham and I were training for the marathon earlier this year, we would fight over our single foam roller. After long training runs, a good foam roll to iron out the knots and loosen the stiff muscles is absolutely key. If a runner you know does not have a foam roller, this is an absolute must. While it may look like an overpriced tube of foam, it provides much-needed relief for sore running muscles. Another excellent option is the Tiger Tail massage stick, which can work on all muscle groups including neck, shoulders and arms.

My new best friend: my foam roller.

If you have other gift-buying suggestions for happy runners, please leave a comment and let me know. I would especially love to know about UK-based businesses. Happy gift-giving!

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