Shoe Review: Salomon Ellipse 2 Aero Hiking Shoe

Salomon hiking shoe

Testing out my new shoes on the Isle of Wight

A few weeks ago, I partnered with Nevisport, an outdoor clothing and equipment retailer, to do a series of hiking-themed blog posts. In my first post about the best places to hike and trail run around London, I mentioned that I was given a new pair of hiking shoes to facilitate my adventuring.

Those fine shoes were the Salomon Ellipse 2 Aero hiking shoe.

Salomon Ellipse Aero 2 hiking shoes

When I first picked up the shoes at the post office, I was surprised by how light the box felt. The whole walk back to my flat I questioned whether the package actually contained shoes at all. I thought perhaps it was some online shopping I’d forgotten I purchased after too many glasses of white wine. Nope! The box did indeed contain my new hiking shoes.

The specs on the website claim these shoes are lightweight, but that is an understatement! Despite being an extremely sturdy shoe, they are as light as my regular running shoes. By comparison, my current hiking boots feel like bricks.

So before I had even put them on my feet I was impressed.

Salomon Ellipse Aero 2 hiking shoes

For the shoes inaugural outing, I took them on a hike around Hamstead Heath. We did some general wandering, but I also decided to go for a little jog in them. While these shoes are made for hiking and backpacking, I wanted to push the limits a bit, just to see if they rubbed anywhere or caused any irritation. They were perfectly comfortable, which to be honest, is a rare thing in new hiking gear. I often feel like hiking shoes and boots are SO stiff on the first couple of uses and they really take some time to wear in. Not the Saloman shoes. These felt like they’d been mine forever.


Salomon women's hiking shoe review

I decided that no hike is complete without a little jaunt through some mud. While I was sad to get them dirty, I felt it was a necessary rite of passage for a hiking shoe. Despite the mud run, they still look close to new! The leather is waterproof so even though I stomped in a big puddle, my feet stayed perfectly clean and dry.

Salomon Ellipse Aero 2 hiking shoes

This past weekend, my husband and took advantage of the Bank Holiday weekend and took a trip to the Isle of Wight. We were blessed with the most glorious weather and took full advantage of the sunshine to do some outdoor adventuring.

Hiking in the Isle of Wight

We hiked the Southwest coast toward The Needles, a row of distinctive stacks of chalk-coloured rock that rise about 30 metres out of the sea.

The Needles on Isle of Wight

Designed specifically for women, the Salomon hiking shoes claim to cradle the foot providing extra support in rough terrain. I’m not exactly sure what makes a woman’s foot different from a man’s, but I can say, these shoes definitely felt like they were made for me. After walking for hours among cows and rolling hills, I felt as if I could go on forever, despite covering more than 10 miles that day.

Hiking on the Isle of Wight

The road less traveled…

That said, the front of the shoes did rub a bit on my ankles this time, but that is because I wore stupid socks that were way too low cut. This was user error. Not the shoe’s fault. Note to self: wear proper socks, not teeny ankle socks.

I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the aesthetics. Typically, I find all hiking gear to be remarkably ugly. It’s usually bulky, dull and heavy. In this case though, the Salomon shoes have a slim fit, and don’t make my feet look enormous, even while wearing leggings. They also have lovely pink accents giving them a nice feminine vibe.

Salomon women's hiking shoes

See? My feet look like a normal size, even in leggings.

Overall, I highly rate these shoes. If you’re looking for some new hiking kit, check out the Salomon line of hiking shoes and boots from Nevisport or peruse the entire range of footwear on their website. And while you’re at it, why not check out some other outdoor gear? Personally, I’m a fan of the Columbia Heavenly Glow jacket or the Animal Zip Through Hoodie. Winter is coming after all.

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