2017 Running and Fitness Goal Check-In

2017 Running Goals

Back in January, I published my running and fitness goals for 2017. I had four ambitious goals. Putting them in writing made them feel serious and important. And the fact that I shared them publicly meant that I actually had to follow through.

Given that it’s now nearly September, I decided it was time to reflect back on those goals and see where I’m at. I’m pretty proud to report that I have smashed it so far!

Goal 1: Run 5K in under 25 minutes

Crushed this. On 11 February, I finished the Highbury Fields Parkrun in 24:43. A week later, I did it in 24:12. Then I started training for my next goal and promptly forgot all about Parkrun until a few weeks ago, but as far as goals go, I’d say I nailed it.


Goal 2: Run my Second Marathon

This goal terrified me. Putting it in writing made my stomach ache. But if I said I was going to do it, I had to follow through. And I was going to do it well.

I wanted to finish my second marathon in 4:15, bettering my 2013 time of 4:33. If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you know how this story ends. (Don’t worry! It’s good news!) I finished the Geneva Marathon on 7 May in 4:14:52, a personal best by more than 17 minutes!

Geneva Marathon

This is one happy person crossing the finish line!

I am beyond proud of this accomplishment and I know that nothing else will come close to it this year. I worked my ass off for this. I got up at 5:30 am many mornings and ran along a very dark Regent’s canal to complete my training runs. I even took a few days off work to get in my long runs on Friday’s ahead of busy weekends. I ate countless gels. I lost two toenails. It was hard, hard work but I crossed that finish line feeling like an absolute champion.

At least my grimace kind of looks like a smile…

(Side note: I entered the lottery for both the London and Tokyo marathons in 2018! Eeeeeep!)

Goal 3: Do an Olympic Distance Triathlon

Nailed it! On 23 July, I finished my first Olympic distance triathlon in 3:07:17. Frankly, I astonished myself. I truly thought I’d be closer to 3:30. Even though this was a great accomplishment, I don’t feel the same sense of pride as I do about the marathon. For some reason, it just doesn’t feel as epic. But, considering in January of this year, I had never swam 1.5km or cycled 40km in my life, it was a pretty lofty goal. I’m glad I finished with a time I can be proud of. I’m also glad I didn’t get a mystery rash from swimming in the Thames.

London Triathlon

Boom goes the dynamite!

Goal 4: Do 5 pullups

I mean… considering the last three goals, this one is a bit embarrassing, especially considering this is the only 2017 goal that remains!  BUT I have 18 weeks to do this. My lovely husband bought us a pullup bar for our flat so I can practice. I see it there, every day, staring at me. Mocking me and my weak upper body. Currently, I can do two pullups. OK… 1 and a really weak weird kicking/grunting thing that results in a half pullup. To be honest, I don’t really have a plan for this goal but there’s still time. There will be a blog post (and possible video!) on this goal at some later date.

Our 4 goals, 3 are complete. Three pretty epic goals I might add. And it’s only August! It’s been a good year so far. Wish me luck on my pullup journey. Tips welcome!


    • thoughtsandpavement August 25, 2017 / 9:26 am

      Thanks! After I wrote this post, I was like… is this way way too braggy and arrogant? But whatever. I’m proud 🙂

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