Thoughts and Pavement named Trespass Running Blog of the Year

As soon as the email from Katie at Trespass arrived in my inbox, I shrieked “YES!” and smacked my hand on my desk, scaring my unsuspecting colleagues.

Thoughts and Pavement was named the Trespass blog of the year in the running category! I officially had an award-winning blog! I was beyond proud.

After making the final shortlist with three other really impressive running blogs, I was officially crowned the winner on 10 January. I already shouted about the award a lot on Facebook and Twitter so this blog post might be overkill, but I did want to take a moment to acknowledge Trespass and my wonderful readers, friends, family and colleagues who all voted for me and patiently put up with my incessant “vote for me” spam. A huge thank you! You have helped start 2017 on a very high note.

Trespass, for those who don’t know, is one of the UK’s most successful outdoor clothing retailers. The company was established in 1938 in Scotland and in the early days, they primarily made waterproof jackets. Over the following decades the clothing line expanded and the company now makes a variety of gear for all outdoor activities like skiing, camping, running, walking, trekking, cycling and more.

What does one win for being named Running Blog of Year, you ask? Well, I get a fancy new badge to put on my blog, which you may have noticed has been prominently displayed since 10 January. I was also sent a really lovely Trespass prize pack, which I received on Friday. It includes some classic outdoor running gear including a trekking towel, tights, a zip-up jacket, and a long sleeve, lined top in my signature colour: bright pink.

My prize pack from Trespass, along with a lovely handwritten note.

And of course, I win pride. In the four years since I have been writing this blog, I have never won anything. And considering just two years ago, I was virtually unknown to a UK audience, this acknowledgement was extremely rewarding. Hell, it was rewarding to even be on the shortlist!

With a bag full of new kit, I was excited for this weekend’s marathon training. My new shirt from Trespass was well-suited to the frosty London temperature, and might I say, it looked pretty awesome too?

When your outfit matches the graffiti…

It also helped that this was just the most glorious weekend for winter running. Cold, crisp and sunny. My Parkrun on Saturday went extremely well and I actually came in third in my age group with a time of 25:30, five seconds better than last week.

Today’s long run was exceptional. The pond in Victoria Park was actually frozen. I have never seen that in London before.

Frozen pond in Victoria Park

The frost and ice was absolutely glowing in the sunlight and it was so darn pretty. Unfortunately, the cold temperatures also meant the water fountain I always rely on was frozen! Ack!

See? Doesn’t this random guy look like he’s having the best morning of his life?

Testing new gear in the sunshine is the recipe for a happy Sunday.

Thanks again to whoever nominated me in the first place, and a huge gigantic thank you to everyone who voted for me and shared my nomination to get even wider support. You are all wonderful.

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