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January can be a tough time of year for regular gym goers. After the holidays, losing weight or getting fit is often the top New Year’s resolution which can mean that the gym is over-run with newbies. I try to be welcoming to the newcomers. I help them set up in new classes or congratulate people who sheepishly put up their hand when the instructor asks if there’s anyone new. I try to remember: I was new once too.

But sometimes, it’s nice to avoid the crowds and waiting lists and workout from the comfort of your own home. That’s where Flex TV comes in. Flex TV is a new online fitness platform that offers thousands of live fitness classes from elite trainers that you can join in from home… or anywhere you have internet access!

The fine folks at Action PR offered me a free one-month subscription so I thought I would give it a try.

The first major difference between Flex TV and simply finding an existing workout on YouTube is that the classes are live! With instructors teaching at seemingly all hours of the day, I never had a problem finding a class I wanted at the time I wanted it. Yoga at 11:30 am on Saturday? Perfect. You click Join and you’re set to go.

It’s easy to search for and sign up for classes. You can pick from over 300 classes a day in a variety of styles like Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, Strength, Dance and Barre. Each class will show you the date, time and duration so you can pick something that fits your schedule. Flex TV also even gives you a handy calendar so you can sign up for multiple classes at once and track your workouts for the week.

The act of joining or signing up for a class is one of the key things that makes Flex TV successful. Clicking Join is like making a commitment. You feel accountable. Especially if you’ve told someone you were joining a certain class. In fact, according to Flex TV’s website:

“People are 86% more likely to achieve health and fitness goals by involving someone for support or accountability.”

Once you’ve joined the class, you can participate as if you were there in person. Don’t worry – they can’t see or hear you! This seemed to be a recurring question when I told people about Flex TV. “It’s live? Does that mean they can SEE you?!” No people. Calm down. If you want to work out in your pyjamas, go for it. You just watch and follow along, though you can pause it for water or washroom breaks if you like.

Once the class is complete, you have the opportunity to leave a comment for the instructor or community, emulating the same social aspects of a real class at your local gym.

For my first class, I joined Flow with Adee. It was a gentle hip opening yoga sequence, perfect after a week of HIIT classes, running and cycling. I even did the class in tights and (gasp!) just a sports bra! Something I would never have done if I were in the gym. See? Yet another joy of working out at home.

Flex TV boasts a 1,000-strong community of top-notch instructors including:

  • Kasia Rain, official trainer of Tyra Bank’s hit TV show Top Model
  • Natalie Walker, lululemon athletica UK ambassador and celebrity trainer
  • Tara Margulies, influential content creator (15k followers) and trainer at two major London boutique gyms

The platform is made even more impressive by the fact that founder Elliot James Perry, created it less than a year ago. And this is actually his second technology start-up. His first, started when he was 23, was sold on 2014. Now, at 26 years old, Flex TV is his latest endeavour. What was I doing at 26, you ask? Well, not working on my second tech business, that’s for sure. I was working in tech…. does that count? Sigh.

While the website may give you the impression that this service is only for mums, that’s really not the case. It’s great for anyone with a busy or unusual schedule, people who travel a lot, or for someone just getting started who might be nervous in a group class environment. While I get why mums would love this, its appeal is definitely much broader.

Anyway, I am totally impressed with Flex TV. While I could never give up the gym completely, it’s an excellent substitute, especially in January when the waiting list for my favourite class is 45 people long! And, with home-based exercise, my time from class completion to post-workout smoothie has never been faster! Get in my belly!! Mmmmm….

To give it try, go to: and sign up.  Right now, you can get a month for free and it’s only £4.99/month after that. A steal of a deal if you compare that to the extortionate price I pay for a gym membership!

You can also follow their blog here or catch them on Twitter @JoinFlexTV.

And if you’re still planning to hit up the gym this month, take a look at my January Gym Survival Guide.

I was compensated one free month of Flex TV for writing this post, but this review is my truthful opinion of the platform. 

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