Why Running on Holiday is the Greatest

Hello from Canada-land!

I am really good at relaxing. I can happily stay in one spot and read a book for hours, or binge-watch Netflix all day. That said, there’s often a lingering list of things in the back of my mind so I always feel a little bit guilty when I relax. That’s why the holidays are so wonderful. You’re supposed to relax! And everyone is encouraging you to do so. “Just relax,” they say. “Have a drink,” they say. “You deserve it,” they say. It’s actually the best thing ever.

At the risk of sounding super annoying, I’m going to say something potentially unpopular. I love running on holiday. I know you’re supposed to relax and I know a lot people have a hard time staying fit over Christmas, but I truly look forward to unstructured time where I can run whenever I like. In a normal week, I often have to cram in running before or after a busy work day. Running on holiday is so luxurious. Any time. Any pace. Any distance. It is generally delightful.

Now that the chaos of Christmas is over, I am enjoying some downtime at the cottage, also known as my happy place. Today I enjoyed an 11.2K run on some very familiar roads around the cottage. I have run these roads dozens of times all year round. Now that we live in London, it’s one of my favourite runs, partly because I only get to be here a few times a year. I didn’t encounter a single person on my run – a stark contrast from the streets of London!

Today was a lovely winter’s day. It was cold and crisp and teeny snowflakes were gently falling. It was a bit slippery with ice, but it forced me to run more slowly and consciously which made the distance feel very relaxed and leisurely. It’s almost enough to make me miss winter running. Almost.


The best part was the post-run dip in the hot tub, followed by a wonderful lunch made by my sister-in-law. A delicious grilled beet sandwich. Nomnom.

If only every run could end like this…

I look forward to the drier roads and warmer temperatures in London, but for now, I’m embracing the land of ice and snow and taking advantage of a few more leisurely days in Canada.

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  1. April Runs On December 29, 2016 / 4:32 am

    This blog kind of makes me sad because I want to run with you 🙁

    • thoughtsandpavement December 29, 2016 / 5:40 am

      One day my friend. One day.

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