Vote for me: Blogging Awards 2017

Yes, this is a button I actually own. Because I am cool.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! I am thrilled and honoured to be nominated for not just one but THREE UK blogging awards. They are all vote based, so I’m hoping that you’ll vote for me and help make my blogging dreams come true.

Here are the details of my three potential awards:

2017 UK Blog Awards

The UK Blog Awards honour the best in blogging. They are the largest and longest running programme in the UK to recognise influencer talent. A few weeks ago, I attended a UK Blog Awards event hosted by Action PR to announce that this year, they have added a Sports and Fitness category! The event was designed to encourage bloggers in the category, like myself, to enter. So, because I’m all about shameless self-promotion, I obviously nominated myself.

The public vote started on 5th December and goes until the 19th December at 10 am. I would be forever grateful if you could spare two minutes and vote for me. Just click the below image and it will take you directly to my unique entry page. Enter your name and email, and select the Sports and Fitness category. Click Submit and you’re done! You’ve helped get me one step closer to blogging stardom.

2017 Running Awards: Best Blog

Back in September, I was nominated in the Best Blog category in the 2017 Running Awards. These awards identify and recognize the best in running every year – everything from blogs to shoes to literature, clothes and more. Today, at long last, the shortlist was revealed. If you take a look at the site, you may notice that the shortlist looks like a…er…rather long list. Somewhat disappointingly, they have decided to keep all nominees on the shortlist because they have had an “unheard of” number of nominees, many being not for profit, and “it feels a shame to exclude those” so early. Sigh. So much for a top 12! Anyway, on the plus side, it means I’m on the shortlist! So if you already voted for me, go back and do it again! Voting is cumulative. Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Vote in Shortlist
  3. Click Community
  4. Click Blog
  5. Find Thoughts and Pavement and click Vote

If you have already voted, just use the same login you created before. If you haven’t, you have to create a login which is a bit annoying, but you’ll do it because you love me, right? Make sure you click Register (not login) to create your account. Voting continues for a loooong time. It closes on 20 March, and winners are announced 20 April.

Trespass Blog Awards Shortlist

Just this past Friday, I received an email from the marketing team at Trespass, a UK-based outdoor clothing retailer. They kindly informed me that after a week of nominations, my blog is one of five shortlisted blogs in their Running category! How exciting!

Voting begins on 19 December and closes the start of January. It’s not ideal timing, given that everyone is going to be zoned out for Christmas festivities, but don’t worry, I’ll send reminders!

I’ll be tweeting regular updates on all three awards via @MirandaMac and updating this post as results are announced. Even if I don’t win anything, it is an honour to even be considered.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my blog and vote for me. This wouldn’t be much fun without a bit of an audience!


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