Happy 4th Birthday Thoughts and Pavement

A throw-back to the early years running with the Nike Running Club in Toronto. This is where it all started...

A throw-back to the early years running with the Nike Running Club in Toronto. This is where it all started…

My blog turns 4 today! Happy birthday blog!

Last year, I forgot my poor blog’s birthday, but this year, it was on the radar, weeks ahead of time. And how could it not be? I’ve invested a lot of time here. This year was a big year for Thoughts and Pavement so to celebrate 4 years of awesome, here are 4 highlights from the last 12 months:

  • I redesigned Thoughts and Pavement in April. It was a massive step for me going from a cheap-looking, free WordPress theme to a much nicer, modern and more unique look. I don’t like change. I was nervous something would screw up, but luckily the wonderful people at Pipdig were a huge help. It was a big effort but the makeover was a massive success, in my humble opinion. Feedback is always welcome though!
  • For the first time since moving to the UK, I have a (finally!) amassed a decent percentage of UK-based readers. Close to 50% to be exact. It wasn’t easy but I am proud of my international readership. Hi new readers! Thanks for stopping by!
  • I had my first guest post published on The Runner Beans, a UK blogger that I admire greatly. She published my quintessential Mount Kilimanjaro packing list ahead of her own trek, and when she did, my blog had the highest traffic in a single day all year! Yay! Thanks Charlie.
  • I was nominated for Best Blog in the 2017 Running Awards. It’s a huge honour, and while winning is a long shot, I am thrilled just to be on the list.

There’s obviously more than four highlights. Four fit the theme. But honestly, how could I not mention the time I got custom Thoughts and Pavement branded shoes for my birthday? Or how I documented my journey leading up to my first duathlon and then first triathlon. How about a new half marathon PB or how I’ve already run in 7 different countries in the last 12 months?

Yup. It’s been a pretty good year for Thoughts & Pavement and I. Cheers to many more.

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