Vote for me: 2017 Running Awards Best Blog

Yes, this is a button I actually own. Because I am cool.

This is a button I actually own. Because I am cool. And yes, I need a manicure.

Breaking news! My blog was nominated for BEST BLOG in the 2017 Running Awards! This is ridiculously exciting to me! These awards were set up to identify and recognize the best in running every year and I am on it! To be in a list alongside some of my favourite UK bloggers is an absolute honour. I am just delighted. Thrilled. Overjoyed. Smiling ear-to-ear like the bloody Cheshire Cat. It’s kind of a big deal (well, for me anyway!)

Cheshire cat

But here’s the thing: I can’t win if you don’t help me! For the next 71 days, voting will be open for the general public to vote for their favourite nominee in each category. To vote for me, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Community
  3. Click Blog
  4. Find Thoughts and Pavementand click Vote

To vote, you have to create a login which is a bit annoying, but you’ll do it because you love me, right? Make sure you click Register (not login) to create your account.

In addition to blogs, The Running Awards also allows you vote on a LOT of other running categories: races, shoes, tech, literature, clothes, nutrition and more! So if you’re already logged in, and voting for me, you might as well vote for your other faves too.

The voting period lasts until 1 December. So no excuse. You have lots of time and voting literally takes 2 minutes. After that, they reduce to a shortlist of the top 12 in every category. Then voting reopens for the top 12 to find the top 3. Voting is cumulative.

What exactly do I win? I don’t actually know. Prestige? Honour? I also get to go to a cool event in April if I am shortlisted, which would be great. And I’d have a claim to fame. I don’t need to win. But being shortlisted would be tremendously exciting. Please help me make my blogging dreams come true!

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