Training & holidays: the perfect combination

Recently, most of my holidays have been very jam-packed. Don’t get me wrong – 2016 has had some amazing vacations, but they usually had a very detailed itinerary that involved lots of activity, some early mornings and little downtime. All the activities were fun, but there wasn’t a lot of relaxing.

So, when my husband suggested a relaxing holiday in Biarritz and San Sebastian, I had one rule: no agenda! Just book hotels and transit and that’s it. We’ll play the rest by ear.

And it was soooooooo excellent. Just the absolute best. And while I dreamed of long, agenda-less days on the beach, I also found myself getting a little restless. I’m an active person. I like to move. And I love to eat. And eating is so much better when you’re actually hungry!

So, we found perfect ways to incorporate training into our generally plan-free holiday. Our hotel in Biarritz had a beautiful 25 meter salt water pool, so we swam lengths and practiced sprints to increase our speed.

Oh hello. Is this heaven? It's me. Miranda.

Oh hello. Is this heaven? It’s me. Miranda.

In Biarritz, we ran up to this beautiful lighthouse that had a great lookout over the beach.

The view though. (PS - it was really hot)

The view though. (PS – it was really hot)

We also found a private (er… restricted) beach, and did morning 100 metre sprints, barefoot along the waterfront.

All run are now forever ruined. This was the actual best ever.

All runs are now forever ruined. This was the actual best ever.

Because Biarritz is a known surfer’s paradise, we decided to take a private surfing lesson from Shining Surf School with a wonderful woman named Amandine. She was amazing and fun and both Graham and I managed to stand on the board multiple times! Dare I say, we actually looked like we knew what we were doing (minus when I fell off the board in shallow water and scraped my knee. Whoops. I have a nice wound now, just to prove how badasss I am)

Amandine, our surf instructor in Biarritz

Amandine, our surf instructor in Biarritz

San Sebastian had a beautiful waterfront, with a perfect swimming area so we practiced open water swimming in the sea. I even saw some fish!

So much open water to swim, so little time.

So much open water to swim, so little time.

We spent one day in Bilbao, our last day, and it was the only overcast day, so we took advantage of the cooler weather and went for a nice run along the river, stopping in front of the famous Guggenheim Museum, which we visited the day before.

Oh hey there Guggenheim.

Oh hey there Guggenheim.

And finally, we arrived back in London just in time for the Bank Holiday and spent the morning cycling around Regent’s Park. And naturally, we took a short break to (literally) smell the roses.

Regent's Park roses

With my recent triathlon in the books, you may wonder why I’m even bothering with all this training. Well, ever the glutton for punishment, I have actually signed up for another sprint distance triathlon! I’ll be doing the Brighton and Hove Triathlon on 11 September. Two weeks to get back into race-ready mode. The wine and cheese detox starts now.


  1. April Runs On August 30, 2016 / 2:47 am

    You’re officially hooked! 🙂 Looks like another amazing vacation. Wouldn’t expect anything less for the Markhams!

  2. Tina August 31, 2016 / 1:52 am

    You didn’t freak out when you saw the fish?? 🙂 I thought you hated that

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