Staying Active While Travelling For Work

how to stay active while travelling

I travel to Geneva frequently for work. It sounds a lot more glamorous than it really is. It’s all work, no play. Very little downtime and a no sight-seeing. I’ve been to Geneva dozens of times but I’ve never really seen anything. And of course, the other downfall to work travel is that it’s often very challenging to stay active. Between airports, meetings and client events, it can be a struggle – even if your hotel does have a fitness room.

So, when I arrived at the Crowne Plaza in Geneva on Monday, I was thrilled to see a little stand in the entrance that said RUN on it. The stand contained running maps for a 2.5K, 5.5K and 6.5K running routes near the hotel. It also had towels and fresh fruit and water! I always bring my running gear when I travel – whether for work or pleasure. I’ve been left disappointed too many times. Thankfully, I arrived early enough this time that I had a few hours of daylight left so I dashed up to my room to finish off some work, eager to get out and actually explore this city I’ve been to more than any other city in Europe!

Having just completed the Dragon Slayer Duathlon the day before, I wasn’t feeling up for anything too challenging, so I thought I’d try to the 2.5K route and see how I felt. Naturally, I got lost. Map reading is not my thing. But I eventually figured it out, French street names and all, and found my way around the little route. Cute houses, quiet streets, mountains in the background. What’s not the love? I decided I’d run the loop again, just for fun.

If your hotel isn’t as awesome as the Crowne Plaza and doesn’t provide you with free running maps, here are a few more tips for staying active while travelling for work:

  1. Research what facilities your hotel has before you go. Pack your gear accordingly and use your hotel fitness centre. These are some seriously under-used areas of the hotel. Especially in the mornings. I very often never encounter another human being during my hotel workouts. It’s like having your own personal gym!
  2. Try to arrange your flight times or meeting times so you have some time to yourself to workout. It’s not always an option but if you can do it, you’ll feel way better, especially after all the carb-filled snacks that are plentiful in most meeting rooms!
  3. Get up early. Assuming that you’re not going anywhere that jetlag will derail you, try to get up early and get a workout in before the day starts.
  4. Ask the hotel concierge if there are any good running trails or parks near the hotel. They often have suggestions
  5. Do an in-room workout using YouTube. There’s loads of free videos available – everything from yoga to cross-fit.

How do you stay active while you travel?

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