Under Construction

under construction

I love this blog. I love the stories and the comments and the followers. But I hate the way it looks. It’s just not good. It’s a free WordPress theme and it’s boring and basic and looks like something from 1992. Don’t get me wrong – it’s served it’s purpose. But it has run its course.

So finally, after three years of procrastination, I’m making a change. Over the coming days, this blog will be transferred to a totally new and updated theme. New colours, new layout, new everything.

Thoughts and Pavement will finally have a look that better represents the voice of this blog. It will finally look like something modern. It will be something I can be proud of.

Bear with me. I’m new at this and it might take a while to get it looking just right. But rest assured, it will be better than this current theme.

Looking forward to unveiling the new look of Thoughts and Pavement. Stay tuned…. I’ll be right back.

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