Making Sh*t Happen: Running Goal Update

A pic I took while waiting for the VeloPark Duathlon to start. Next time, I'll be a participant vs. the photographer!

A pic I took while waiting for the VeloPark Duathlon to start. Next time, I’ll be a participant vs. the photographer!

We’re just 13 days into January and there’s been massive progress on my 2016 running goals.

I have signed up for not one, but TWO half marathons this Spring, and have officially registered for my first multisport event.

On 21st February, I will be participating in the VeloPark Duathlon at Olympic Park. This small, friendly race involves a 2 mile run, a 10 mile bike ride and then a 1 mile run. My husband did this race a few weeks ago and it looked like a lot of fun! I watched from the sidelines with camera in hand and documented the event. I also helped count laps during the bike portion of the event because it’s pretty easy to lose count when you’re in the zone! One major barrier is that I don’t own a bicycle but there’s lots of great shops around London that allow you to rent road bikes so I’ll be able to get some practice before the event.

In late March, we will be running the Hampton Palace Half Marathon, the only half marathon held at one of the UKs most popular tourist destinations. Hampton Court Palace is one of only two surviving palaces that King Henry VIII owned. The race starts inside the gates and goes around the grounds over a variety of terrain. Despite the terrible weather in this event video, it looks like a lot of fun!

Next up, we’re heading to Madrid to run the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon! This race is 24 April, just a few weeks after the Hampton Palace Half Marathon so if I didn’t get that sub-2 hour time I was hoping for, I have another chance to redeem myself. Various bands line the race route of this event so I guess I can leave my headphones at home! I’m looking forward to a great race, followed by a feast of Spanish tapas and wine. We plan to take a day off to extend the weekend and spend some time roaming around Madrid.

And finally, this Saturday will mark my first Park Run of the year. While I don’t expect to break any records, it will be a great benchmark to see how far I have to go to break through that sub-25 minute barrier. We meant to go last weekend, but were too lazy. Whoops. No excuses this weekend.

No time like the present I say. Why procrastinate? At this rate, I could crush all my goals by the end of April! Woop woop! Now it’s time to train.


  1. cmmercer January 13, 2016 / 3:45 pm

    Looks like you have some great targets for 2016. I am also signed up for the Palace Half Marathon, on the build up towards running London in April. I’m excited to run at Hampton Court, it’s a beautiful place but I haven’t been since I was a lot younger!

  2. April Cunningham January 13, 2016 / 4:40 pm

    Aweseome! Way to go, Miranda! I’m inspired by you 😉

  3. Kathy January 13, 2016 / 10:13 pm

    The Hampton Court run looks amazing! Good luck with your first multi-sport – the duathlon looks like a good way to start.

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