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Keith took us on a run through trails that looked like this (via

Keith took us on a run through trails that looked like this (via

Recently, my uncle-in-law Keith launched his own business: Blue Planet Triathlon. You may remember Keith from some recent blog posts like the Corsham 10K or the Yorkville 5K where he won his age category. What you probably don’t know is that Keith, in addition to being a really good runner, is also a world class triathlete, and a certified Triathlon and cycling coach. In fact, Keith has done the full range of Triathlon event distances and currently represents Great Britain at the Age Group level in both Triathlon and Aquathon. Now, with the launch of Blue Planet Triathlon, he is helping coach and train both novice and advanced athletes in triathlon, fitness, health and nutrition.

So yeah. Keith is a pretty accomplished athlete.

This past weekend, my husband and I went to visit him and his lovely wife for some much needed R&R out in the country. In addition to lounging around watching Christmas movies, drinking wine and cuddling with their two adorable dogs, Keith very kindly offered to help us with our training.

My husband Graham is training for his first triathlon, and as ever, I continue to run consistently, now with an added focus on form and speed, so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to get some pointers from an expert.

After a relaxing Saturday, Sunday was deemed our training day. Keith took us through a running assessment where he videotaped us running and then analysed our form. The good news is: we’re not terrible! But there’s definitely some areas for improvement. While form is hard to improve, Keith gave us some really straight-forward pointers and to help, we then did a series of drills outside.

Contrary to popular belief, increasing your stride length is really not the secret to fast, efficient running. Keith told us about an efficient technique, which breaks down running into three simple parts: the pose, the fall and the pull. The theory is based on the fact that aerobic fitness can only take you so far and efficient movement is necessary to achieve max speed and distance.

After testing our new skills up and down the driveway, Keith then took us on a beautiful run around the countryside to try out what we learned. He promised us a 5-8K run which sounded perfect and since he was the one tracking speed and distance, I left my watch at home and just happily followed along. We traversed through trails and paths and lovely residential neighbourhoods and before I knew it, Keith announced that we’d already run 10K! Suddenly, I felt quite tired. I was bounding along happily, but as soon as I knew the distance, I felt fatigued. Keith assured us there was just 2K left. He neglected to mention the MASSIVE hill we had to go up before we made it back home! By that point, all form had gone out the window and I was just trying to keep going.

So after a tough 12K, we were back, tired, but feeling proud. We were definitely pushed to go further than we likely would have on our own! In fact, I think this may have been my longest run since the half marathon in September! We feasted on pizza and talked about our various aches and pains and discussed our attempt to put into practice everything Keith had taught us.

Obviously, real change takes time, but these expert tips are key to helping us become better runners and athletes. A big shout-out to Keith for helping us! It was fun, informative and we saw immediate improvements.

If you’re looking for a running or triathlon coach, check out Blue Planet Triathlon. You could say I’m biased, but I’d tell you, Keith and I aren’t even technically related, so, this is pretty much an impartial third party review of his services J

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