Getting faster: an unofficial PB

Nike+ thinks this Park Run isn't quite 5K, but close enough. Not a bad time for a course that is more than 50% uphil!

Nike+ thinks this Park Run isn’t quite 5K, but close enough. Not a bad time for a course that is more than 50% uphil!

Here’s your ethical running dilemma for the day: If you run a race and get a personal best, but the time isn’t officially recorded, does it still count?

I’m going to go with yes.

This past weekend, we attended our 4th Park Run. We were really starting to feel like regulars until we made a rookie mistake. Halfway there, we realized we both forgot our barcodes. This printed barcode is what gets you your official time! Without it, you can still run, but your time is not recorded.

We didn’t have time to go back, and since we were already dressed and ready to run, we joined anyway. I timed my own race with my Nike+ app and if my button pushing was accurate, I beat last weeks’ time by 4 seconds, finishing the challenging 5K route in 26:23!

I felt good on Saturday morning. Usually this route starts to feel very challenging midway through and the last laps around the park are grueling. But I felt calm and steady the whole way and actually had enough energy to increase my pace up the last hill, passing several people as I ran through the finishing chute.

Running this same route week after week is a really interesting test to see if we’re getting faster and stronger. We plan to continue for the next several weeks. My ultimate goal is 25 minutes. Let’s hope I don’t forget my barcode when achieve that PB.


  1. April Cunningham November 3, 2015 / 6:18 am

    I felt the same after my last half. I’m almost certain I beat my personal best of 1:59:54 because my gun time was 2:00:03. NINE SECONDS!

    • Miranda November 3, 2015 / 6:36 am

      Aaah so annoying. It shouldn’t matter but it does. I like things to be official.

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