New Stuff: Races, shoes, PBs and classes

A perfect backdrop for a new 5K PB!

A perfect backdrop for a new 5K PB!

What do you do when you have 5 miscellaneous updates, none of which worthy of their own post? You make a list. The internet loves lists, right?

Here’s 5 running and fitness related updates, brought to you by the word, “new.”

  1. I didn’t get into the London Marathon. I’m sure you guessed this by now because if I had, there would have been a massive all caps post illustrating my happiness. Instead, I was not notified by post as promised and spent a full week trying to get through to their information centre to check the status of my registration. Result: not successful. Boo. So, we have now started looking for a NEW marathon to run. We discussed the Paris Marathon and just as I was getting comfortable with the idea of it, it sold out. Ack! We’ve now turned our sights on the Rome Marathon… but I feel sick at the thought of committing to the training. More to come on this topic…
  2. I broke in my NEW shoes last week! They are glorious. In case you missed it, I got some really awesome custom Nikes for my birthday. Check them out.
  3. I got a NEW 5K PB on Saturday! We joined the weekly Park Run at Highbury Fields for our third time and I beat my previous record by 10 seconds for a new 5K PB of 26:27. It’s a tough course, more than half of which is uphill so I was pretty pleased with my time. We’ll be back again next week!
  4. On Sunday, we tried a NEW class at our gym called GridActive. This 30 minute class was intense! You work your way through 12 different exercises for about 45 seconds each and repeat the process twice. Some of the exercises were things like monkey bars, kettlebell squats, treadmill sprints, shoulder presses and flipping a tire over and over. It went by quickly, was a great challenge and I am really sore today! I love classes like this. They are so effective and they totally push you outside your comfort zone. Definitely worth a try.
  5. We’re trying something NEW to help us get up in the morning. With shorter days and a serious lack of natural sunlight in the morning, it is becoming increasingly more challenging to get up at 6 am to make it out for a run. After some research on ways to get up in darkness and feel rested, we decided to purchase the Phillips Wake-Up light. This light simulates a natural sunrise and supposedly helps wake you up more naturally so you feel well rested and alert, even at 6 am. If nothing else, it has to be less jarring then my current iPhone alarm. Review to come!

That’s all my NEWS for now. Wishing you a happy, healthy week.

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  1. Jade Hunter October 26, 2015 / 4:33 pm

    Loving the post! Keep positive about the marathon- you’ll make it! Xxx

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