Things Runners Like: Spotify playlists with music that matches your tempo

Spotify RunningSo this is pretty awesome. Spotify recently launched Spotify Running, a series of playlists that automatically detect your pace and picks music to match your tempo! Cool, right? After their recent announcement of their partnership with Nike+, my favourite running app, I was excited to try it out! My two favourite apps! Together at last!

And, I have to say, Spotify’s playlists did not disappoint. When you open the app, you have the option to select one of 6 different themes with super intriguing names like Burn, Epic and The Chase. I picked the first one called Beats, described as “massive running beats by Tiesto.”

As soon as you click play, the app tells you to start running so it can detect your pace. My pace was quickly detected at 175 steps/minute and some motivating beats immediately started.

With no lyrics and a seamless transition from one track to the next, the music was the perfect combo of motivating but not distracting. Spotify says the goal of the feature is to sustain the “runner’s high” and help runners keep their motivation through their entire workout.

While I had a great experience with the app, my husband was a little less impressed. He tried the playlist called The Chase. At first, he was amused that the music was, quite literally, chase music. Like the type of music you would hear in a movie during a high speed car chase on a highway. But he said it was just one continuous song that sounded the same and after a while, he got bored of it.

Anyway, it’s worth a try for sure and the technology behind it is super cool. I love the music and running combos and the fact that Spotify is reinventing itself specifically for runners. Teaming up with Nike+ is also a cool move.  Music has always been a big part of running for me so I’m happy to see they’ve officially tied the knot.

Have you tried any of the running playlists yet? What about the Nike+ integration?


  1. Janet August 11, 2015 / 2:54 pm

    Great post, Miranda!

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