My own Terroir Run

Smith Haut Lafitte runLast year, I found a race that had everything. I had the great pleasure of participating in the Terroir Run, a fun 11K run in Prince Edward County (PEC) in Ontario that ends with a catered lunch and wine tasting. This run basically combines everything I love in one place: running, wine, great food and fun people. It was one of my happiest races of 2014. I mean, click on this link and check out who is front and centre dressed in yellow in the team photo for the race. Seriously, my happy place.

I would absolutely love to participate this year, but unfortunately, moving to London makes this a pretty tough race to add to the agenda. (But, shout out to last year’s running partners – our friends Tina and Bergen who are doing the race again this year and gunning for a top 3 spot! Good luck to you!)

This year though, I kind of did my own Terroir Run. Over the Easter weekend, my husband and I travelled to France and spent some time in Bordeaux, home of some of the loveliest and most famous wineries in the world. On our first day at our gorgeous hotel, we did a run around the vineyards of Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte. This incredible vineyard boasts 67 hectares which are planted with several grape varieties that produce the most glorious red wine. While we certainly didn’t see all 67 hectares on our little jaunt, the small part we did see was pretty spectacular.

Perfectly rowed vines stretched as far as the eye could see. Grape plants are these stumpy little plants with gnarly branches, but when they are all side-by-side, they look like they are reaching out to hold hands with each other. I have a soft spot for ugly plants. Especially ones that can produce the necessary ingredients for my favourite beverage!

The run took us around a few parts of the vineyard closest to the Chateau, and through a rugged trail around the property. The map showed a 5K loop, but we definitely got lost and ended up doing two sausage shaped loops instead. It was a nice trail run with big shady trees and leaf covered terrain. It was a nice change from my recent road and treadmill running.

The run was much needed. Much like last year’s Terroir Run, our day culminated with a lovely multi-course meal and of course, endless glasses of wine. And one cannot go to France without eating their weight in cheese.

I doubt that run burned off the calories in the single piece of chocolate covered fois gras I ate, but alas, it was better than nothing.

So, while I missed out on the Canadian Terroir Run this year, I think running around a French vineyard was a fair substitute!

Next up: the Corsham St. Georges 10K with my uncle-in-law! Race recap coming soon…

Wine and running. Together at last.

Wine and running. Together at last.



  1. FLRunnerBoy April 8, 2015 / 4:09 pm

    Seems like you had a blast and looks like a nice event Miranda and a MANY course meal … yum! yum! 😛

  2. R B April 9, 2015 / 11:29 am

    That looks like a beautiful place to run! It is only 8:30am here and now all I can think about it wine….

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