Race Recap: Bang & Olufsen Yorkville 5K

Bang & Olufsen 5K Yorkville runI haven’t run a race in a while. Since May actually. Unfortunately, a busy summer schedule has stopped me from registering. But being the creative and resourceful runner that I am, I decided that my lack of racing shouldn’t preclude my dear readers from hearing about the latest road races in and around Toronto. So what is one to do if they want to write a race recap, but didn’t actually run the race? You ask someone else to write about it!

This past weekend, my father-in-law (Ian) participated in the Bang & Olufsen Yorkville 5K. I’ve always wanted to do this one, so I was anxious to hear about it. Some people say 5K races are a waste of time. You spend more time getting ready than you do actually running. But there’s lots to love about the short race, and this one sounds like a winner.

Dubbed a “premier, boutique 5K race,” the Yorkville Run includes high-end race kits, oversized medals and fancy post-run hors d’oevres. Forget the stale bagels and bananas. This post-race feast includes treats from local Yorkville restaurants served by white-gloved waiters! What’s more, since the race began in 2010, it has raised more than $200,000 for YWCA Toronto’s women’s shelters.

Following the event on Sunday, I caught up with Ian and asked about his race-day experience. Here’s what he had to say:

Name three highlights from the Bang & Olufsen Yorkville Run. 

My favourite memory is that every volunteer who organized the run and subsequent festivities – from those at New Balance Toronto who supplied the race kits, and those who lined the route, to those who carried around the edible goodies on trays for the runners after the finish line – were very cheerful and had broad smiles.

My next favourite memory was the generous and valuable goodies that came with the entry fee including an elegant T-shirt.

Finally, the food after the run – delicious and much classier than what I’ve got at every other race. Oh, I forgot how well organized the whole event was – very smooth.

Would you recommend this race for others? 

Yes, for the above 4 reasons. The race stood apart from pretty well all other organized runs I’ve done, but to be honest I’ve probably only been in about 40 of those over my 40 years of adult life.

How long have you been running for? 

Not regularly enough (in the opinion of my family and my personal trainer), but always for a few weeks before adventurous trekking vacations and before the occasional half-marathon over the past 40 years.

What do you listen to while you run? Music or the sounds of the crowd? 

The crowd, my breathing and the delicate thud of my feet.

Will you be back next year? 

For sure, bringing my family with me (including the author of this blog).


Hmm… looks like I’m being recruited for next year! But, don’t worry.  I won’t need a lot of persuading. I like the 5K distance, and with classy post-race treats and an elegant t-shirt, you can count me in! This sounds like my kind of run.

Did you run on Sunday? How was your race?

Bang & Olufsen race kit

Check out this fancy race kit! Treats from Vega, David’s Tea and Bang & Olufsen!

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