Happy long weekend: Friday funnies for runners

I can tell its Friday before a long weekend. My office was quiet and closed at noon, emails are slow and the drive to work was half the time it normally is! No wonder so many people were sharing funny articles today.

First, my mom sent me this link to a Buzzfeed article entitled 25 Things Only People Who Fail At Exercise Will Understand. While I exercise regularly, I can absolutely appreciate every item  in here. I’ve used most of them at some point. Especially using exercise as an excuse to continually snack.

George Constanza snacking


Another funny thing I came across today was this amusing article from Runner’s World showcasing the worst stock photos of women running. They are so perfectly terrible. Especially this one:

fake runner

Ooph. Running is tough.

Anyone who has worked with me professionally knows about my dislike for stock imagery. It’s completely fake-looking and unoriginal. However, I work at a PR agency as a social media Director and sometimes, using stock imagery is unavoidable.

Be this a lesson to you. If you absolutely MUST use stock imagery, please please please pick something that actually looks a little real. I’m sure the woman in the picture is a nice person, but she is clearly not running. Not even my worst race photo has looked that ridiculous. Also, anyone actually running isn’t smiling. Unless they are crossing the finish line. If you need pictures of women running, ask me. I have lots of REAL women ACTUALLY running. Just saying.

Happy long weekend runners!

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