How to overcome the summertime running slump        

Can't get motivated? Get some new shoes! The brighter, the better!

Can’t get motivated? Get some new shoes! The brighter, the better!

It’s that time of year again. The time where lounging in the sunshine and sipping cool beverages on patios takes priority over running. This time last year, I was just starting the most intense training program of my life in preparation for my first full marathon. This year, it’s nearly half way through July and I’ve logged a measly 6K.

With beautiful weather and abundant opportunities for social gatherings, it can be hard to get out there, especially if you don’t have a goal on the horizon. If you’re like me and you’re feeling more like a beer and burger instead of starting a training plan, here are a five somewhat unconventional ways to kick your lazy butt into gear this summer.

  1. Get some new kicks. New shoes motivate you to get out there and I’m a firm believer that the brighter the colour, the faster you run. I just purchased myself a pair of the new Nike Zoom Pegasus 31s. Who could possibly run slowly in a bright pink pair of sneakers? Not only are they awesome, but they are finally the right size! If you’re thinking about buying a new pair of shoes, read this first.
  2. Sign up for something. I just signed up for the Scotiabank Half Marathon in October. No turning back now. I’ll have to find some time to start getting in those long runs. I haven’t run more than 11K in months… Need a good kick in the butt? Get a race date on the calendar.
  3. Think motivating thoughts. Every mile you run burns approximately 100 calories. Think of that next run as a couple slices of pizza… or whatever your go-to high-calorie snack is. I feel like I need to run many, many miles to compensate for my summertime diet lately!
  4. Get a dog. Or borrow one. Find an energetic pup that loves to run, or offer to take a friend’s dog out for a jog. Here’s a handy article from Runner’s World on the top running breeds or if you’re looking for other ways to get active with your dog, check out this post on Dog Sports. Happy dog shopping!
  5. Treat yourself. But only after your run. Make your favourite drink, snack or dinner. I suggest an iced coffee or bowl of ice cream. The sooner you get back, the sooner you get to have it.

How do you motivate yourself to get out there in the summer?

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