It’s National Running Day!

National Running Day

via Women’s Running Magazine

Today is National Running Day! According to the official website, today is the day when long-time runners reaffirm their love of running. It’s also a day where beginners can kick off a new commitment.

What better way to celebrate this day than to head out for a run – a tough run! We’re currently in Week 7 of my 10K Training Clinic with the Running Room and tonight, we’re doing five  hill repeats. Hill repeats are exactly what they sound like. Running up and down a hill on repeat. They suck, but they build stamina, strength and endurance and come race day, you’re always thankful you did them. And whenever my group moans about hills, I always remind them: hills build character.

To commemorate the day, several of my favourite running blogs and websites published interesting articles. One that caught my eye was this interesting campaign from New Balance and Westin Hotels where they created a vending machine that dispensed free running gear! Check out more details on this cool campaign here.

If you’re a runner, get outside for a run tonight! It’s a great day. If you’re not a runner, give it a shot. Try a five minute jog. Maybe you’ll  discover a life-changing hobby.

Happy trails!


  1. Running Betty June 4, 2014 / 8:00 pm

    Hill repeats are killer! Awesome workout and way to spend national running day! Have a good one!

    • Miranda June 5, 2014 / 9:08 am

      Thanks! It was a tough one. We found a great hill. Short and steep and totally crushed it. Almost 7K run total distance and a beautiful night along the waterfront. Running at it’s finest!

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