Guest post: Alanna’s Hue

Sporting Life 10K race recapBack in February, I published my first guest post from my friend Danielle who convinced her sister Alanna to train for and run her first 10K. It was a tall order, but Alanna was committed and in April, Danielle published a mid-way point check-in. On Sunday, Danielle, her twin sister Deanne and Alanna crossed the finish line together in a triumphant Mother’s Day victory. This is her race recap, and final post in her series. 

Red: the colour of courage, determination, love, Alanna’s cheeks and victory.  This is what I saw on Sunday as Alanna crossed the finish line of her very first (and definitely not the last) 10K! It was one of the most exciting and rewarding moments of my life. I can only imagine how it must have felt for her.  There truly wasn’t a better way to celebrate two Mother’s day firsts as well as the most challenging year of motherhood yet for Alanna (and don’t forget she busted out a set of twins)!

The weather was perfect.  Our bodies and minds were ready.  Everything was on our side.  Running along-side Alanna and Dee and crossing the finish line holding hands will always be one of my life highlights.  This is an event that I will never forget.  It will be memorable for us all.  My husband and parents  braved the Toronto crowds to make sure that all five of our boys were there to support us at the finishline.  It was almost surreal when we finally caught a glimps of them holding up their neon signs and waving feverishly to get our attention.  Alanna’s boys were so proud of their Mom (and aunties too).  They jumped up and down and greeted her with the biggest of hugs.  The babies couldn’t quite show their enthusiasm from their strollers but they both slept beautifully the night before race day in an effort to show their support!

Alanna, I have to thank you.  Thank you for making a commitment and sticking to it.  Thank you for finding the time to do something for yourself.  Thank you for making us all so proud.  I never doubted you, but you blew my expectations out of the water.  You are so strong.  I truly believe that this race marks the beginning of your new life.  You no longer “run” from your problems.  You charge full steam ahead and embrace every challenge!  You have made the most ultimate of transformations.  Your “red cheeks” are a symbol of vitality and and thing of beauty.  Seeing you happy makes your family happy (all of us).  So thank you.  Your effort and dedication over the past few months is so much appreciated!

Now that I have scratched this major accomplishment off of my bucket list I have freed up some space for a new dream.  I’m thinking a Try a Tri with my sisters.  Alanna can cover the running segment.  The question is: how do you feel about icy waters or the pain of a bike seat Dee?!

Thanks again to everyone who supported us along the way.  All of those facebook likes and comments were hyper inspiring and much needed!  Thank you to Miranda for letting me share Alanna’s story.  Having the opportunity to pass Alanna’s success along to the running world made this feat even more satisfying.  We will see you all at the Colour Run!


  1. Tina Attard May 14, 2014 / 8:13 pm

    What a beautiful and inspiring story, congratulations to all of you.

  2. Kathleen and Pete May 14, 2014 / 11:19 pm

    Way to go ladies, awesome job!

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