10K Training Clinic Kick-Off

10K clinic Running RoomThis week, my new 10K training clinic started at the Liberty Village Running Room. Myself, my co-instructor Christy and 23 amazing runners kicked off the next 10 week training series with a 4K run on Tuesday night.

We have a great group all with different goals for this season. Some are looking to get back into running after a break, some are training for upcoming races, and some are just looking for general fitness. I’m excited and honoured to lead this group through the training program.

For me, this is a new experience. As far as running goes, I’ve always been a participant. Never the leader. Even after two group runs, I’ve realized that it is a challenge for me to put my own pace and goals aside in an effort to lead and inspire others. So far, I’m a bit of a hopeless failure. My Tuesday night route was grossly miscalculated. Our run was less than 4K when I told everyone it would be close to 5. I messed up the route on Wednesday night and almost lead the group down the wrong path. I forgot to tell the group to stretch after. I forgot to time our intervals. I also forgot my contact lenses and couldn’t read any street signs to warn the group of upcoming turns. So far, I feel like a bit of a failure as far as a leader goes! Bear with me team. I promise I’ll get better. And my co-instructor Christy is a pro and makes up for any of my shortcomings.

I’ve probably scared everyone away now with my pathetic account of my leadership attempts, but if you’re interested in joining me for a lovely Spring run over the next few weeks, our Run Club days– open to anyone and everyone – are Wednesdays at 6:30 and Sunday mornings at 8:30 am. We meet at the Liberty Village Running Room located at 61 Hanna Street in Toronto.

This Sunday, we’ll run a 6K route through the city’s west end. You can see the route here. With 23 runners, we naturally split into pace groups so there is sure to be a group to run with no matter what your average pace is. The weather is getting nicer and nicer, so I hope to see our group grow each week.

And of course, if you’re looking to join the clinic, you can still sign up here.


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