Next Stop: Finish Line

Sister 10KA few weeks ago, I published my first guest post from my friend Danielle who convinced her older sister to train for and run her first 10K race. They have reached the halfway point in their training so the following post is an update on their journey so far. 

As far as I am concerned the mid training update couldn’t have come soon enough.  I have so much to share. My heart is swollen with pride.

Both Dee and Alanna literally took the 10K challenge and “ran with it!” I originally thought that the only way to get Alanna to commit to the race, along with all of the training, was to make it public.  But now that we have reached the half way point, I have realized  that just isn’t the case.

Somewhere deep within, Alanna has tapped into her running chi and is more driven than ever.  She is so motivated, it’s motivating!  Let’s face it, if anyone needed an excuse to skip a run, this frosty spring has provided us with many opportunities.  Alanna, however, hasn’t let anything interrupt her training.  I was nervous as she hit a road block in the very first week of conditioning.  She had to take her son to a hockey tournament in Windsor.  I have to admit I thought, “Here we go. Already running will be pushed aside.”  Well, I couldn’t have been more surprised and more delighted when late Saturday night I received a text along with a picture of Alanna’s first run on the hotel treadmill!  I can’t lie, it made me cry.  She also thanked me, rather than curse me, for encouraging her to “do this.”

Every day Alanna continues to impress me.  She maps out runs, asks if we can try to go further (yesterday we hit 6.1 K) and  seeks running advice.  She even finds porta-potties while running rather than turning around and calling it quits when a sudden urge to pee threatens the completion of a run!

My family and I all see a new woman.  She is confident.  Hell, she even runs the track in front of her ex and all of the parents while her boys practice lacrosse!  If you ask me, there really isn’t a better way to show the world, “Hey, I’m doing okay.  I’m working on me, and I’m going to be just fine.”

2013 was brutal, but my family (especially my parents) never wavered in their support for a second.  So naturally they too have jumped onto the running train.  My dad, who just turned 60 two weeks ago, books it around the block, sprints for the finish line, and is always the first to start back up when we take a little walk break.  My mom busts a move too and then always whips up a delicious kale salad as a post run meal for us all.

The benefits of running are endless: more family time, the desire to eat healthy, better sleeps, and plans to keep on going once the race is over.  My entire family is already gearing up for the Kitchener Colour 5K in June!

We have all received so much support and again, I thank Miranda for sharing our successes with the running world!

Alanna, I am so proud of you.  So are your boys. I hear it in their voices when they ask you if you are running today.  Mom and Dad are proud and so is Dee.  Keep going sister.  You got this!

Stay tuned to hear how we do and help us celebrate our journey.  We are so appreciative of all of the support.  It definitely adds a little pep to our step!  Fingers crossed for warm weather on race day!

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