New Running Room 10K Training Clinic Starts April 22


April 10K Running Room training clinicAlright folks. We’re trying this again. I’ll be leading a new 10K Training Clinic at the Liberty Village Running Room starting on April 22.

You may remember that I was leading a 10K clinic back in February that was sadly cancelled due to lack of registration. Boo.

And listen, I get it. Only crazy people run in a polar vortex through the dark streets of Toronto three times a week, not to mention our Sunday morning wakeup call at 8:30 a.m.

But there’s nothing holding you back now! Any reservations you had in February are gone. There’s no polar vortex or lack of sunlight. Spring is here! Hibernation is over. It’s time to dust off your shoes and join me for an awesome, 11-week training session.

We kick things off on April 22. I’ll be co-instructing this clinic with an awesome partner named Christy. She’s a pro. Not only has she run an Ironman (!!!), she has taught several 10K clinics so you’re in good hands with the two of us.

This clinic is perfect if you’re targeting a late June race. The goal race for this particular clinic is The Run to Finish Huntington Disease which takes place on June 22 at Wilket Creek Park in Toronto.

We meet three times a week: Tuesdays @ 7pm, Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30 am. I know Sunday mornings are a tough pill to swallow, but if you can get into a routine, you will feel like a total rockstar for getting in a great run before most people you know are even out of bed.

In addition to weekly runs that gradually increase in distance, we’ll also incorporate speed work and hill training. I know hill training sounds particularly awful but trust me, you’ll thank me on race day. Speed work and hill training are the sorts of workouts you never do on your own and they make you a better runner. Every week, we’ll also bring in engaging guest speakers to talk about interesting topics like nutrition, pacing, stretching and choosing the right shoes.

To sign up for the clinic, click here.

Hope to see you on April 22!

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