Guest post: the strength of sisters

These guys will be cheering from the finish line!

These guys will be cheering from the finish line!

When I started this blog, it was always my intention to invite other runners to contribute. No one wants to hear from me – one voice – all the time! There are a lot of perspectives, opinions and stories out there, so today, I’m pleased to introduce my very first guest post. Danielle has been a friend for several years. Her and her twin sister Dee are both new moms and are looking to get back into running after some time away from the sport. They’ve also managed to convince their older sister Alanna, who has never been a runner, to run her first 10K this year in the Sporting Life 10K. I am proud and honoured to host her story on this blog. This is her first post about the start of this exciting journey…

This year I set a running related resolution that I am happy to announce I have already achieved without hardly breaking a sweat!  I managed to convince my older sister to commit to training and running/walking the Sporting Life 10K!

Falling on Mother’s Day, this race couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.  This run will be so much more than a fitness feat for myself and both of my sisters, it will be our Mother’s Day gift to ourselves and extremely symbolic.

I have deemed 2014 the year of change.  2013 was a particularly difficult year for my sister.  It was full of hardships, disappointments, unwelcome discoveries and a broken heart.  Nevertheless, she has decided to take these challenges as a growth and learning opportunity which is where the race fits in!  My sister is not a runner (neither am I and the same goes for my twin).  In fact, all three of us are in no condition to be running 10K as Dee (my twin) and myself are battling the post baby “get back into shape” fight while Alanna has been too busy to focus on her own health after running around three very busy boys of her own for almost ten years!  Needless to say this won’t be easy but we’ve committed and we’re going to pull through!

We have no choice as we have already arranged for all of our sons to cheer us on at the finish line as a Mother’s Day reward!  We can’t and we won’t let them down.  I also took out the insurance of this little write up along with early registration as triple reinforcement to finish the race!

As I mentioned this race is so much more than a run.  It is three sisters setting a goal and working together to achieve it.  It’s about support, determination and an “in your face” to disbelievers.  The Sporting Life 10K will teach three young boys that their mother is strong and thriving.  They will see their mom conquer a serious feat and they will, no doubt, be proud of her (and their aunties).

It’s going to be rough and I am sure there will be many excuses, frustrations and pain along the way but training starts March 1st! Stay tuned for a midpoint update as we prepare.  It might not be pretty but it is happening!

A special thanks to Miranda for sharing this with her widely established running community.  It means a lot to set this dream of mine into motion.  We’ll take any and all encouragement along the way.  See you at the finish line along with our five biggest fans who are our motivation to run this race.


  1. Stephanie Riehl February 28, 2014 / 10:56 pm

    AWESOME!!! So so proud of you girls!!!

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