Wine and running: together at last

A pretty rad race shirt.

A pretty rad race shirt.

A few weeks ago, I received a tweet from @TerroirRun encouraging me to join their race. When I checked out their website for more details, I was thrilled at what I saw: a small race in Prince Edward County that culminates with a catered party and wine tasting. Could it get any better than this? Seriously, it was like they created this race for me. My two loves of life – wine and running – together in one awesome race! How could I resist?

Not surprisingly, The Terroir Run was an idea born over a bottle of wine. Taking a page from the infamous vineyard runs in France, founders Rebecca and Andrew decided to create the experience at home. While runners pass several different wineries on the 11K route, they do not drink along the way. Instead, participants enjoy the fruits of their labour after crossing the “wine-line” where each participating winery has been asked to feature their wine. Runners will also enjoy a locally sourced lunch and county beverages.

You also get a great souvenir t-shirt, surely unlike any race shirt you’ve ever received and one that is bound to be the envy of every wine drinker and/or runner in your life.

Beer has long been a part of the running tradition. There’s the notorious and somewhat controversial Beer Mile and there are several races that offer runners a frosty brew upon completion. In fact, Burlington’s Chilly Half Marathon – happening this weekend – boasts a post-race chili party sponsored by Stagg Chili and Carlsberg beer. But to my knowledge, wine and running have never been paired, and it’s high time that changes.

This year’s event takes place on May 24, starting at 9:00 am sharp. The race is small, capping registration at 100 people and I was told by Rebecca that the race is about 40% sold out. If you’re interested, you can register for the race here.

See you at the wine line!

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