Janu-burpee mid month check-in

burpees pic 2Well, here we are. January 15. That means I’m just about halfway through the Janu-burpee challenge. That’s 450 burpees for those counting. When I started this challenge on New Year’s Day, it was tough. Surely, I thought, these burpees would get easier with each passing week.

Nope. Still as hard as hell.

I also thought I might get faster. Wrong again. 30 burpees seems to consistently take about two minutes and 20 seconds. Sometimes a bit longer if I do them after a workout or a run.

Am I getting stronger? Maybe. I feel like my biceps look a bit more defined and I can feel some angry muscles in my back and shoulders. This is definitely a good wake-up call for those sleepy muscles that haven’t been used in a while.

And finally, are these daily burpees helping my running? To be determined. While I’ve had a few good runs lately, I really can’t say it was a result of the burpees.

30 burpees a day may sound easy, but let me tell you, this is tough. By the time this challenge is over, I’ll have done a whopping 930 burpees over the month of January. My ambitious husband is trying to convince me to add in an extra 70 here and there so I can say that I did 1,000 burpees this month. I’m thinking about it. That would be an accomplishment!

Why not join the insanity for the last 16 days?


  1. aprilcunningham January 16, 2014 / 10:45 am

    Haha, awesome! Yes, you should try to make it to 1,000!

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