Introducing Runner’s Mark: a store for runners by runners

runners mark Sometimes having a blog about running has its perks. And sometimes those perks get passed on to my lovely readers. Today is one of those days. Consider it a belated Christmas gift.

Recently, I received an email from Paul from Runner’s Mark, a running store in Port Credit, Ontario. In addition to having a vast supply of running gear, Runner’s Mark also offers running clinics and weekly seminars on topics like training and nutrition.

What’s more, just for reading my blog, you can now help yourself to a 5% discount on running shoes and apparel just by entering the promo code: MIRANDAMAC. That’s right. My name is now a promo code.

Unsure about purchasing running shoes online? Paul also provided some great advice on why buying running shoes online is a great idea. Check out his guest post below.


Why Buying Running Shoes Online is a Great Idea

Many runners have never tried buying their shoes online.  Think about the convenience though.  You probably buy the same pair of shoes multiple times a year because you wear them out with all the miles you put on them.  Just go on line, choose the brand, color and size and they’ll show up at your house a couple of days later.  No more fighting traffic, looking for parking or spending on gas money to go pick up your shoes.  Plus, if you’re not happy with your purchase or they don’t fit right, simply return them.  No problem!

The reality is runners in training are pressed for time.  The hours spent out on the road, mile after mile, take time away from your family, job and other hobbies (not to mention sleep!).  You really appreciate the value of time when your training for a distance race.  Think about the time saved by buying your running shoes online.  The few minutes it takes to place an order on-line vs. driving to the store, parking, standing in line to check out and then driving back home.  In that amount of time you could probably have fit in another 10K!

Comparing Prices On-Line

Particularly in Canada, you have to shop smart.  Many people order from a US website or retailer not realizing that the incredibly low price does not include shipping to Canada, exchange, duty and brokerage.  In many cases they’re surprised when the final price is up to double the price they see in the US store.

Buying from a Canadian on-line store means you don’t have to worry about customs brokerage or extra shipping fees.  Plus, you’ll get your order faster.  Ordering from the US can take up to two weeks to get delivered.  Ordering from a Canadian store is faster because the goods don’t have to clear customs.  You can have your shoes in a couple of days.

For more information about Runner’s Mark, go here, or check out their website here.


  1. Christine January 15, 2014 / 2:34 pm

    Don’t forget to factor in the pitiful Canadian dollar too if you’re ordering from the states.

    Tried Rebalance today based on your rec. Thanks!

    • Miranda January 15, 2014 / 4:02 pm

      Valid point re: the Canadian dollar!

      So glad you tried Rebalance. They are great there. I have been running essentially pain-free since I started going. Hope your experience is as good as mine!

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