STWM 2013: There’s a hero in all of us

I was very emotional leading into my first marathon back in October. At the time, images or videos of people crossing any finish line were enough to make me cry on the spot. Months later, you would think my emotions would have calmed down but that finish line gets me every time. 

Recently Canada Running Series published this video documenting highlights from the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Whether it’s the smiling, confident face of Ed Whitlock, the powerful, record-breaking finish of Lanni Marchant, or a stranger crossing the finish line, I am totally overcome with emotion watching this video.

I remember every part of that course and how I felt. I fluctuated between utter devastation and delirious happiness.  I remember the costumes, the cheer stations and even some of the more supportive spectators who called my name and helped me hold my head a little higher, even when I felt like collapsing. I feel like I can hear the thoughts of the runners just by the looks on their faces.

Maybe it’s because this was such an important race for me. Maybe it’s because I can still feel what it was like to cross the finish line. Or maybe, it’s just because marathon runners are awesome.

It’s almost enough to make me do it all over again. Almost…

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