Dashing through the snow

Lululemon tacky sweater run

Thanks to Rebalance Sports Medicine, I am feeling great. So great in fact, that I decided to join my local Lululemon store for their weekly run club. It just so happened that their Tuesday night run was a tacky Christmas sweater run!

Thankfully, I have the perfect outfit on-hand for just such an occasion: my trusty Ink N’ Burn long sleeve, a pair of leg warmers and an ugly knitted Christmas vest. The vest was very much needed because it was freezing! With a temperature of -6 and a wind-chill of about -16, we all needed many layers under our ugly sweaters.

The group did not disappoint. What a wonderful collection of horrible sweaters. Glitter, sequins, reindeer hats, bells. It was a sight to behold. One runner even donned a Santa bath matt attached to her front since she couldn’t find a sweater.

The route was specially planned so that we would pass by the best decorated houses, and to make sure we didn’t lose anyone, we stopped at every corner and sang Christmas carols or did “Santa squats.” These are just normal squats… but when you’re wearing an ugly sweater, this exercise immediately turns festive.

When we got back to the store, they had hot chocolate and holiday snacks – the perfect end to a fun 5K run.  For my first group run since the marathon, this was a lot of fun. I’ll definitely be back next week. For more details about the store, and to learn about upcoming events, check out the Lululemon Yonge and Briar Hill Facebook page here.

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