Run, run Rudolph: A festive 10K and flying deer

Dear runners: watch the skies... for flying deer!

Dear runners: watch the skies… for flying deer!

After my magical experience with acupuncture last week, I got the go-ahead from my physiotherapist to attempt a 10K outdoor run! Thrilled with this news, I obsessively checked the weather forecast praying for a crisp, cold day. I got my wish and set out Sunday morning for a jaunt along the beautiful Toronto beltline.

There were SO many runners out. I swear, I must have passed 100 of them – individual runners, big groups and duos of every age and ability. I love how you can pass a fellow runner and just do a quick head nod, or a little wave and there’s this instant understanding. We’re both outside on a cold Sunday morning when many others in bed, and we both know exactly why. It’s like high-fiving a total stranger but without the weirdness.

The ground was hard and dry. Perfectly frozen but no slippery ice or snow. It was the perfect winter running conditions and with several runners donning Santa hats, I was starting to feel pretty festive.

I concentrated on form during the run and tried really hard to maintain it throughout, even though I was tired. But I am pleased to report that I completed the run without any nagging knee pain for the first time since October 20. Hooray! A huge shoutout to Rebalance Sports Medicine for curing me.  I’m going to work my way back up in distance over the next couple weeks so I can start 2014 with a good base. I’m still toying with the idea of running Around the Bay in March and it would be good to not start from square one.

In other running news…

Did you see this article out of the UK today? Apparently, a runner was hit by a flying deer after it was hit by a car. Yup. Couldn’t make this stuff up. Both the driver and the runner were fine, but what a freaky story. You can read the full article, including an interview with the runner, here. Also, check out this humorous take on the story from Runner’s World here.

UPDATE (December 10, 2013, 2:49 P.M): Check this out. Runner’s World actually found the woman who was hit by the deer and did this interview with her. Also, this actually happened in Virginia, not the UK as I previously reported. Must check facts before publishing.


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