How fast can you run?

I’ve always considered myself a pretty average runner. I’m definitely not fast, but I’m not always last either. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of the pack – a pace I affectionately refer to as the “tortoise approach.” Slow and steady.

That’s why I am always fascinated by elite athletes, especially marathoners. They can maintain a pace that is far beyond my absolute maximum sprint for a full 42.2. It’s remarkable and seems superhuman.

For the ING New York City Marathon, major sponsor ASICS partnered with Ryan Hall, America’s fastest marathoner to launch the Treadmill Challenge: an opportunity for fans to step into the shoes of an elite marathoner.

They built a treadmill that only runs at the speed of Ryan Hall: a wicked fast 2:57/km pace. This guy is the American marathon record holder with a PB of 2:04:58. That’s only 4 minutes more than my HALF marathon PB, by the way!

Check out this video and see how people do. How long could you keep up with Ryan Hall? I don’t stand a chance!


    • Miranda November 25, 2013 / 10:25 pm

      So awesome! I’m jealous you got to try this! Thanks for sharing your post and well done on lasting (almost!) a minute. Definitely tough but you killed it…and in a skirt?! Imagine how fast you could have been in proper running gear!

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