Hill training is hard

Hill trainingLast night my marathon training clinic did our most intense hill workout yet. 10 hill repeats on a long, steep hill in High Park. Oh yeah, and the run there and back was 8K.

Honestly, I hate hills. Until joining the Running Room, I notoriously avoided them. I knew they were an essential part of training, but I still picked routes that were mainly flat. And hill repeats? Hah. Not a chance. If I had to go up one hill, once was enough.

Last night was a great test of my stamina and willpower. I was exhausted before we started, poorly fuelled and probably dehydrated. But I had new shoes, and I was determined to break them in. Fact: new shoes are a great source of motivation.

The hill was a beast. Every time I made it to the top, I was so winded I could barely turn around and go back down. Looking back, I still can’t believe I actually did that 10 times.

Despite the pain of that workout, I am happy I did it. If I can run up and down that hill 10 times, I can easily run on a flat surface for an extended period of time. I can tell I’m stronger than 2 months ago and I’m starting to actually feel like I’m ready to run this marathon.

Thank you Running Room. Thank you for pushing me outside my comfort zone and making me doing horrible hill repeats. On race day, I’ll thank you.


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