Running to work: the fastest way to commute

My new form of transportation to work.

My new form of transportation to work.

There’s really no good way to get to work from where I live. Transit takes forever, and I hate dealing with the crowds of people. Driving is slow, and paying for parking sucks. So, a few weeks ago, I decided to test an idea: is running to work faster than driving?

I only work 6.6km from where I live. In order to ensure the experiment was legit, I ran to work the exact same route that I drive to truly test whether running was faster. The results? Driving: 39 minutes. Running: 36:16, plus the added benefit of getting exercise, enjoying my commute, AND saving money on parking and gas. I also got a big kick out of running past stopped cars, and then seeing them a few minutes later at the next intersection. I literally can run as fast as you can drive in morning rush hour traffic. Overall, running wins big time.

Of course, there’s the added challenge of having to run to work with clothes and makeup in a tiny backpack, and planning to shower at work. And if the weather sucks, running becomes much less enjoyable but overall, it is good to know I have another option – especially one that has proven to be the fastest.

Over the next few weeks as I start ramping up my marathon training, I plan to run to work more often. If this is going to become a habit, a running backpack will be key. The little backpack I used was too small and the material is scratchy. It actually left two teeny wounds on my shoulders where it rubbed as I was running. And I need to carry a fair bit of gear. I drew the line at bringing a hairdryer, but clothes, a small towel and dry shampoo was a non-negotiable. I did a little research and found the following running backpack options:

Any suggestions? If you run with a backpack, I’d love to hear any recommendations for my next commute to work.


  1. runfastorfaster June 24, 2013 / 8:56 pm

    I wish I could run to work. I’m so jealous of you!!! I personally like option #2 the best.

    I’m about 1.5 miles from work but we have no showers. I still have yet to bike to work, either. Mostly because it involves me lugging my bike up and down the stairs in my apartment (it’s a mountain bike – not light!) plus I’m “supposed” to bring my laptop to and from work daily (or… just lock it in my desk and pretend I took it home…)

    And how am I supposed to bring my coffee?!

    But I don’t have to pay for parking and it really only takes 7 minutes to get to work so I can’t complain in that. I just think it’d be nice to bike!

    • Miranda June 24, 2013 / 10:31 pm

      Haha yes, there are definitely some challenges that go along with running to work. While my hunt for the perfect running backpack continues, I doubt I’ll find one that can carry a laptop… or a coffee! Biking sounds like a perfect option for you though. You probably wouldn’t get THAT sweaty on a 1.5 mile ride, and just think of carrying your bike up and down the stairs as some added weight training 🙂

  2. Oceancloud June 28, 2013 / 6:17 pm

    I would recommend the Osprey Jet 18 Kid’s day pack. But I’m going to look into that Lululemon pack!

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