Review: Recovery e21 electrolyte replacement

Recoverye21A few weeks ago, I wrote about the best electrolyte drinks for runners. After I published that post, I got a comment from a nice guy named Shane wondering why I didn’t cover any non-beverage based electrolyte replacement options.

Intrigued, I emailed him. I’d never heard of a non-beverage electrolyte replacement! There are ways to get electrolytes other than drinking them? Who knew!?  He told me about Recovery e21, a full-spectrum electrolyte in pill-form and offered to send me a free sample. I enthusiastically agreed. With this upcoming marathon I’ve just signed up for, I need all the help I can get.

A few weeks later – in amongst my bills and junk mail – a little package arrived with my Recovery e21 sample.

The product is all natural and based on five years of research from a company called Arcadian Nutraceuticals. It is made of plants, herbs, algae and seaweed used back in the day by indigenous cultures for their healing and remedial benefits.

The biggest claim is that this product helps eliminate muscle cramps while running. They also say it will generally help with athletic performance, helping you train harder and faster. It can also improve endurance and immune support.

Basically, Recoverye21 will give you running super-powers. So, as you can imagine, I was pumped to try this product.

The first time I tried the product, I didn’t really notice any real difference in my running performance. It was just a short 6km run. I only took 1 pill. However, the second time I tried the product, I took two pills and I ran my best 10km EVER. I went to a track to do some speed work. I took the pills just before I started my run and I’ve never felt better. Truly.

I ran into (literally) my friend as I was on the home stretch back to my condo and stopped very briefly to say hi. He said I looked like I was “in the zone,” and to keep going so I bolted away. I finished that 10km feeling invincible with my fastest time ever of 49:33. Pretty great accomplishment for a random Monday night.

Since the product is all natural, it does taste a bit like seaweed, so make sure you have water if you want to try it. Also, I kind of felt like a weirdo popping pills at the track. As a result, I would recommend taking the pills in advance of your runs.

So was my awesome 10km PB a result of Recovery e21? Maybe. But even if that was a coincidence, there are some really great aspects of this product that I liked:

  • It’s easily portable. Rather than take a gel or large water bottle full of Nuun, these are just two teeny pills you can slip in your pocket
  • It’s all natural. The pills contain products from the earth. It’s completely organic rather than manufactured or synthetic.
  • Contains no sugar. It also contains no fat, no preservatives, and it is vegan friendly.

For those looking for a non-beverage electrolyte replacement, this could be a great option.  They are based out of the US so you won’t find them in-store in Canada yet, but you can order online here.

Have you ever tried a non-beverage electrolyte replacement? What do you think of an electrolyte in pill-form? Weird? Or ultra convenient?


  1. Graham May 27, 2013 / 10:10 am

    I tried one after a night of drinking and can confirm that these pills do wonders for hangovers too! A miracle cure.

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