2013 Racing Season: Bring it!

Exercise: Some Motivation is Required

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Inspired by a weekend of total inactivity, I might have went a bit overboard today. I signed up for my second O Course, a Spartan Race, a marathon training clinic with the Running Room, AND in preparation for this weekend’s Sporting Life 10km, I ran my fastest 10km since last year. 49:33. Awww yeah.

Since Around the Bay in March, I’ve enjoyed not actively training for anything. I’ve enjoyed sleeping till noon on Sunday mornings, and going for short runs, or in some cases, no run at all. But I realized that my motivation is almost entirely driven by having races and events on the calendar. Deadlines motivate me. So, after spending a weekend lounging in the sun and drinking cocktails in honour of Cinco de Mayo, I needed a little push.

It started with The O Course, something I attempted last fall and failed. This military style obstacle course really pushed me to my physical limits and even though I gave it a good effort, I underestimated how intense it would be, and dropped out around 80% of the way. Some friends had already registered for the June 8 event and were encouraging more people to join. I’ve always felt like I need another kick at the can to prove that I’m better than my pathetic performance last October, so I signed up.

Then, Graham emailed asking if I’d do the Spartan Race in June. Sure, why not? I’ve always wanted to anyway. Might as well make it official. It’s going to be one tough June!

Weeks ago, I called the Running Room to inquire about their marathon training clinic. I’ve been waffling on the full marathon for months. While I’ve been saying for years that I’d like to do a full marathon before I turn 30, time’s ticking so I really needed to put my words into action. Today I committed. Well, mostly. I still haven’t signed up for the race, but I signed up for the clinic. Baby steps. If I’m going to do this, I’m going to need a supportive group to train with – especially when our training runs start being 20km+ each weekend.

And, after a big day of registrations, I decided to take advantage of yet another beautiful Toronto day and do some speed work at a nearby track. I have been much more focused on long, slow distance running lately but I really want to beat my Sporting Life 10km time of 49:59 from last year. I finally, finally did it. On a flat route. That was just the kind of run I needed to give me confidence leading into this weekend’s race. I am now reasonably convinced I can do this – especially with the added bonus of race-day adrenaline and a downhill course.

Time to update my playlist. I’ve got some training to do!

What races are on your 2013 agenda?

UPDATE (May 6, 2013, 9:33 p.m): This is my 50th  blog post! Milestone! Hooray!



  1. runfastorfaster May 6, 2013 / 9:56 pm

    My current goal race is the Buffalo Half Marathon in 3 weeks. It’s my 2nd half so I’m aiming to beat my time from the first half.

    After that, it’s mostly fun races possibly including a mud/obstacle run of sorts. I’m gearing the summer towards breaking 22 minutes in the 5k. My fastest times were in high school and I couldn’t beat 22:08… my fastest this time around is 22:15 from last month, soooo close.

    • Miranda May 6, 2013 / 10:00 pm

      So amazing. 22 mins for 5km is BLAZING fast. Good luck in the Buffalo Half!

      • runfastorfaster May 6, 2013 / 10:06 pm

        Haha, I wish I felt like it was that fast! When every race you face the top 3 girls in your AG finishing in under 20 minutes, you start to wonder what’s in their water 🙂

        Thanks for the luck, good luck to you too this weekend!

  2. aprilcunningham May 6, 2013 / 10:08 pm

    You are so fast! You will blow away your time this weekend. At the track Did you aim for a specific pace or just run as fast as you could?

    • Miranda May 6, 2013 / 10:16 pm

      I did a pyramid workout. I did this with the Nike running group last Spring and really liked it. You run at the top speed you can maintain:

      – 1x 400m (rest 1 minute)
      – 2x 400m (rest 1 minute)
      – 3x 400m (rest 1 minute)… then come back down again
      – 2x 400m (rest 1 minute)
      – 1x 400m, done!

      It’s tough but somehow seems to get easier as you go on and it always surprises me what pace I’m able to maintain when I do this (under 5:00/km). I was feeling good after this and managed to keep up the pace on my run home from the track!

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